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Belly Dancing Classes Courses Workshops Wirral & Liverpool 

To book please pay £10 deposit to reserve a space on the block/course
or £8 to book your taster session for date Saturday 28th May
You can use my PayPal link or contact me to send a cheque/postal order or to pay with cash https://paypal.me/Bellydancingwithtara/10
The Hoylake Course starting on Tuesday 24th May is now fully booked. Another course will be running in September please contact me to reserve a space. tarasdanceinfo@gmail.com

Contact - 07389 716605 tarasdanceinfo@gmail.com

 Belly Dancing Classes Wirral 
 On Mondays Tuesdays and Saturdays

Summer Bellydance Courses 2022

Hoylake Ten Week Course
Starts Tuesday 24th May 7pm
Suitable for beginners improvers (people with some experience)or for exercise and fun recreation
Hoylake Parade Community Centre

Wallasey Village Ten Week Course
Starts Saturday 28th May 12pm
Suitable for beginners improvers /  people with some experience or for fun recreation and exercise
Wallasey Village URC Church Hall

Wallasey Village Intermediate Courses 
Starting in May (more details soon)
Short courses suitable for dedicated dancers of intermediate and advanced levels. At each course we cover a different subject or dance routine. Subjects include props full intricate dance routines of various styles, zills, performance skills, choreography concepts improvisation techniques rehearsal and more.  
4 week course 

Egyptian Drumming Workshops
Drum circle meets every first Saturday of each month
Next one - 5th February 1.15pm at Wallasey Village URC Church Hall £15 
90 minute lesson suitable for people of all levels spare drums available or bring your own Egyptian Darbuka or Tar. Hosted by Tara taught by Michelle Pender. All abilities ages and genders welcome. Tea coffee biccys included.

Wallasey Belly Dance Course
The ten Week Course Starting Saturday 29th January 12pm at Wallasey Village URC Church Hall (next to the lighthouse pub)
Hoylake Bellydance Course
The ten week course starts on Tuesday 25th January 7pm. 
At the Hoylake Parade Community Centre Hoyle Road Hoylake

Liscard Belly Dance Course
The ten week course starts on Monday 21st February at 7pm at The Grosvenor Ballrooms (off Manor road Wallasey)

Courses Information and How To Book
Fun uplifting mixed level classes suitable for all ages and abilities beginners and people with experience welcome. Great for people who want to learn how to belly dance, Improve, Try an alternative class, For recreation, To perform or for exercise. Mixed level drop in class. We usually dance barefoot or bring some soft flat comfortable shoes (ballet or jazz style - ordinary flat shoes of the same description)
 Coin hip scarves and props provided or bring your own if you prefer. £60 for the full course. A £10 deposit must be paid in advance to reserve a space. This can be paid by PayPal, cheque or postal order or meet at the Wallasey village URC hall to pay by cash in person (receipts available) The rest can be paid at the first class. If you want to try a class first to see if you like it you are welcome to attend a taster. One taster per person £7.50. If you like the class and wish to continue the £7.50 will be deducted from the outstanding course price however as space is limited taster sessions must be booked in advance also please do not just turn up this is not a drop in type class a few spaces are kept aside for tasters and the class may be full * Before signing up please make sure you are fit and well enough to attend and if you are unsure get advice or permission from you GP or medical professional this include pregnancy and heart conditions and any other medical issue or ailments. All participants are asked to fill out a student health questionnaire before taking part and a Welcome sheet is given for all to take home and includes ground rules of the group / class / course. The ground rules are not strict but based around common decency and respect for all making the learning environment an inclusive diverse safe space where everyone is treated fairly. At class if appropriate you will be corrected in a discrete manner if need however I do not invade your space draw attention to you or touch you unless invited. This is a standing class we generally do not get down onto the floor. There are variations of dance technique for People of all dance levels as well as alternatives for people who are less mobile or disabled. If you want to practice sitting in a chair you are free to do so. Wallasey Village URC and The Hoylake Parade are assessable. The class is set out in a community dance setting meaning everyone is encouraged to be involved in dance for wellbeing. The atmosphere at class is welcoming and supportive. As part of the group you will be invited to attend belly dance events and maybe community events. You can attend to support the local belly dance community or get involved and perform this is optional. I run Belly dance hafla parties several times per year that includes a meal and dancing. There are Performance opportunities for those who want to be involved and other groups and dancers are invited so you get to see lots of amazing dancers. 
To book onto the course contact me by phone on  or email me tarasdanceinfo@gmail.com

This course must be booked to reserve a space. £60 (£10 reservation deposit) Fully Booked!
⭐Next Course Starts Tuesday 25th January 2022 7pm in Hoylake. 
Ten Week Course For People of all ages and dance levels from absolute beginners to experienced dancers. Learn lots of belly dance moves and steps from various styles like Egyptian Turkish folkloric theatrical fusion and more. Fun uplifting follow dance routines drills and techniques taught Within each session. Within the course an introduction lesson on a dance prop is taught. There will be opportunities at separate optional workshops to learn more about the prop or a full dance routine. This course is beneficial for those who want to learn belly dance , those who want a low impact workout those who want to improve in dance or those wanting to take their dance to the next level through performance and coaching. £60 to reserve a space a deposit of £10 must be paid in advance. The rest to be paid at class. Contact me to book tarasdanceinfo@gmail.com

Learn Belly Dance Liverpool
Belly dance classes Lessons Liverpool will continue in 2022

⭐ Wallasey URC Church Hall Wallasey Village (next to the lighthouse pub) Entrance to the hall is at the car park end of the building. The hall is 5 min walk from wallasey grove road and Wallasey village train stations and bus stops for number 403 413 423 409 106 buses.
 Free car park. Contact for bookings

⭐ Performers Workshops Saturdays 1.15pm every 6 Weeks starting in March 2022 (wallasey urc hall after class) For people who want to learn more and want to perform. Performance opportunities available.

⭐ Egyptian Drum Circle Workshops
Monthly Workshops run every first Saturday of the month. They run for 90 minutes and cost £15 per session. Hosted by myself (Wirral Belly Dancing) and taught by dancer and drummer Michelle Pender. The first workshop starts 5th February 2022 at 1.15pm. Wallasey Village URC Church Hall next to the lighthouse pub. All genders welcome! Spare drums available or bring your own Darbuka. Workshops must be reserved in advance. 

⭐Hoylake Evening Course of Classes Starting Tuesday 25th January 2022 7pm. Learn theatrical belly dance with large dramatic wings. Beginner level and higher levels welcome to refresh your dancing or to start with a different teacher and different way of learning. Free car park, 5 minute walk from manor road train station and bus stops. On the promenade. 

Classes run for one hour. Please make sure you are fit and well enough to take part. You will be asked to fill out and sign a disclaimer and expected to follow class ground rules. There are performance opportunities for those who want to take part. There are fun social dance events and my groups festive get together's with food and dancing for everyone to attend as part of the class. Performance opportunities for those who want to be involved £5 per class. Contact for bookings. 

 Hen Party and Women's Events
Performance & Lessons
⭐ Performance & Participation £100 
⭐ Fun Lesson £100 
⭐ Performance & Lesson £170
⭐ An evening of belly dance X1 or X2 Performance sets with costume change, A presentation talk and a lesson from £220
 Included in all bookings-  Coin hip 
scarves & props provided for everyone to wear / use and return. A gift bag for the hen or guest of honour. A professional and skilled belly dancer in full costume. An experienced teacher who is personable and knowledgeable. Face gems for all to wear. Performances with participation up to 30 minutes. Lessons are up to one hour
Other bookings up to two hours depending on your preferences.
Priced accordingly with other professional local entertainers artists and dancers.
Contact - tarasdanceinfo@gmail.com 

Belly dancing hen party lesson Liverpool Belly dancing hen party lesson Wirral Belly dance hen party workshop Chester Bellydance hen party class northwales Belly-dance-hen-party-lesson-liverpool Belly-dancing-hen-party-workshop-wirral
Belly dancing Classes Liverpool and Belly Dance Classes Wirral 
Belly dancing Merseyside
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Seated Chair Belly Dance - Simple Hand Movement

Did you know that belly dance can be practiced by everybody? Even if you prefer a gentle style of dance or you have low mobility or a health condition that affects you belly dancing can be open to you. You just have to think outside of the box. As I have. So you may have heard of chair exercise, You may have heard of chair yoga but have you heard of chair belly dancing ? Well you may have an idea about what a chair dance is, often we think of chair dance like Burlesque or sexxy dance and there's nothing wrong with sexxy chair dance but seated belly dance the way that I teach it is artistic however when performing you be as sexxy or artistic as you like. However my chair belly dance lessons are focused on learning simple moves that are accessible for everyone. All you need is a chair and some optional cushions. If your back feels stable and you have good core strength and healthy posture you can sit on a stool or on the floor in a cross legged posture. If you have a wheel chair this dance is beneficial for you. Remember when practicing to follow the advice and take responsibility for your own wellbeing, go at your own pace and stop if you need to. Enjoy. 

Over the next few sessions I will be adding more lessons like this. Seated Belly Dance With Tara

Lesson one - Simple Arms Movement

Request of Information

Thanks for visiting my website. I have shared this post today to request information from people who are visiting my website who may have been provided with or seen falsified negative information about myself regarding my buisness. Information has already been shared throughout the past nine years on and off the record however new people have came forward with information and have highlighted this to me recently. This of course may have had a negative impact on my reputation and buisness let alone my wellbeing. If you could provide me with this information I would be grateful. It would be beneficial to my situation if you could provide me with your actual name however I understand if you prefer not to have your name linked to this situation I will respect that under data protection act which is legally binding. You can also tell me anonymously also. Email me -  tarabellydancer@gmail.com or find my page on Facebook 

Tara Belly Dance.  < Here.

I will answer any questions you may have upon contact.

Thank you for understanding.

Kind regards


Best Belly Dance Books

 Best Belly Dance Books 

Reading is a great resource for learning. Wether you are a belly dance student and want to learn more about dance and it's history, if you are a belly dancing teacher and want advice on running classes or creating choreography or if you are a performer of any experience and want to learn more about performance. By investing in belly dancing books you can learn so much to help you on your personal path.

Despite being dyslexic (discalcula) I am a big reader and there's nothing I like more than settling in with a hot drink and a good book.  So I invested in some dance books early on in my professional belly dance career. Although I like to read the main reason for buying lots of belly dancing books was to learn more after realising I had to go back on myself. What I had been taught previously over seven years was follow the bum moves without any technique or accurate information on styles of dance cultural or history. Things I realized where important to learn as a professional dancer and teacher. Investing in books was a great addition to private lessons advanced dancer courses and workshops with quality teachers that I travelled a long way to attend. I learned from great humble teachers who also advised me well. I caught up and was on the right path. Every cloud had a silver lining and although my early dance experience wasn't the best quality I have learned so much more since then but that was a long time ago. I learned to be a better teacher also and ensure I incorporate correct information into all of my classes so my students have a base to start from along with encouraging to go to other classes and teachers in the belly dance community.

So less about me babbling on here are my favourite belly dance books with links to where you can but them. Enjoy.

1 - The Belly Dance Book 

The Oldest Dance edited by Taz Richards 

Buy it on Amazon 

This was the first informative belly dance book that I bought. It has lots of tips advice and thorough information for dancers written by trustworthy mainly American collaborators. With everything from dance history consuming tips to makeup and gig advice. I highly recommend this book.

2 -  The Belly Dance Hand Book 

A companion for the serious dancer 

By Princess Farhana 

Buy it on Amazon 

Check out Princess Farhanas Blog

This book is perfect for anyone wanting to perform professionally it covers everything. It helped me to prepare for gigs perfectly. Written by an accomplished professional successful belly dancer with years of experience. Who wouldn't want to get advice from someone who knows what they are doing.


By Josephine Wise 

Buy it from JWAAD website 

Josephine Wise Website

This book is great for teachers starting out or even teachers who have been teaching for some time but want to refresh what is already known. It covers everything about teaching belly dance from written and illustrated staple moves of belly dance along with lots of information on dance history  and stylization and so much more. This book has given me some great tips for my own belly dance classes.  JWAAD is an organisation that offers belly dance teacher courses in dance teaching so dancers can gain legitimate qualifications to teach belly dance safely. 

4- My Grandmother's Secrets - The Ancient Rituals and Healing Power of Belly Dancing

By Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi 

Translated by Monique Arab 

Buy it on Amazon 

This book is the first book I bought as a belly dance student. It is a collectors item for me and I really enjoyed reading about the authors childhood and the dance as a form of ritual and healing in the words of a Middle Eastern Woman and her perspective. Although I have read some critical comments about the book I liked it.

5- Belly Dancing For Fitness - The Sexy Art That Tones Your Abs, Bum and Thighs

By Rania Androniki Bossonis

Buy it on Amazon

This is what it says on the tin, belly dancing for fitness. It's not everyone's cup of tea but it is a good resource for people who are interested in the fitness side of the dance. Personally I found that marketing some of my Saturday classes as exercise based attracted more students to the dance and to avoid false advertising I implemented things into my dance classes that had more cardio benefits such as a Choo Choo shimmy choreography just to name one. This book has some great tips and is written by a dancer who is also a qualified personal trainer. I would recommend it to teachers who run dance classes.

6 - NADA & MOSAIC Belly Dance Magazines

I recommend both magazines for belly dancers whether students professional performers and teachers so you are able to keep up to date with what's going on in the belly dance community and to read interesting articles. MOSAIC offers insurance for teacher. Both available for membership online. 

Visit NADA Website Here

Visit MOSAIC Website Here

7- Teaching Belly Dance

By Sara Shrapnell 

Buy it on Amazon 

Go to Sara's Website

This is a great book for teachers, it covers everything about teaching belly dance including how to lesson plan, advertise, how to run courses and  teaching different sized groups as well as how to run student dance shows courses and haflas. I highly recommend this book to any teacher regardless of experience. There's always something new to learn.

8- Performance Mastery 

By Delia Lewis 

Buy it on Amazon

A great book for performers regardless of experience (students and professionals) The author shares tips advice and tricks on how to project energy out and how to have stage presence and charisma. It is also a good teaching resource.

9- Leyla Najmas Belly Dance Choreography

and Combos For The Perplexed Choreographer

Buy it on Amazon 

This book is best suited to advance dancers who want new idea for choreography. 

10- The Fundamental Movement Vocabulary Of Raqs Sharqi 

By Morocco (C. Varga Dinicu)

Buy it on Amazon

I was given this book by an Egyptian dance teacher and friend when I took it home I realised I had already bought it years before so I passed it on to a dance friend who also taught. It covers the beginning movements of Egyptian style dance that is the base of higher level Egyptian dance. Great for students who are heavy in Cabaret style but want to learn more about authentic belly dance. Also this book is a great teaching resource and is very much softer and low impact compared to many other styles. 

Blog Article Best Belly Dance Books Written By T. Maxwell

Belly Dancing Shows Haflas Parties and Events Wirral

 Tara's Midsummers Bellydance Party / Hafla 

                        Summer 2022

I would like to invite all dancers near and far to our dance party this summer. I don't care how much experience you may have or what class you attend this party welcomes everyone. Includes a authentic Turkish meal a souk and live entertainment.

Check out the video from our Christmas party

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