Belly Dancing Classes September 2022


Wallasey Saturday Shimmy Class / Ten Week Block starting 24th September. Introduction level Click here for more information 

Hoylake Art Of Belly Dance Ten Week Course starting Tuesday 28th September. Mixed level  Click here for more information 

Wallasey Intermediate & Advanced Stage Craft Course Of Workshops. Click here for more information.

Beginner workshops click here for more information



Egyptian Drum Circle Meetings Wallasey. Click here for more information.

Refuge Woman's Aid Fundraising


Walking 62 Miles In August For Refuge

When I seen the fundraising idea from refuge on Facebook it was something that I thought I could be part of. Years ago I had received help from Women's and children's aid and having friends whom had been helped by refuge I knew that it was a good and genuine charity that I wanted to help raise money for because you can see where the money goes. When I first started teaching belly dance I offered my services for free at a refuge and I was eventually paid for my service teaching, not only was it good experience teaching but teaching Women at the refuge meant something to me and it was a joy to bring a little light into the eyes of Women who where in sad situations. 

I love walking wether with my two children and the pram along the prom or with my dogs on the beach. Although I love walking and I know it's good for me my children and the dogs sometimes I am busy and tired and I put it off so this is also a good way to become disciplined.

I hope to raise £150 by the end of the month and have already collected around £50 in person from friends and family along with people who have been kind enough to donate at my belly dance classes. Here is a link to my donation page if you would like to donate to this charity and to sponsor my daily walking. I have also accepted cash donations that will be donated at the end of August. Good luck to my fellow walkers and wish me good luck ☺️

Donate Here

 Fresh air , exercise and raising money for a good cause is a win win situation. So over the next month I will update this page with my daily walking journeys with information about the places I walk, so check back daily if this post is if interest to you. 

I am trying to get out and walk two miles everyday however I work and am on a yoga teacher training course so I have to fit some of my walking around my other responsibilities. I have dedicated myself to making sure that I walk 62 miles in August and use map my walk app by under armour to track and record my walking progress. 

Day One - Walking in Dibbinsdale

Nature Reserve & Brotherton Park Wirral 

I love this place it is so peaceful natural and interesting with its historical links to Vikings Anglo Saxon Mercia and St Patrick. At different times of the year there is evidence of pagan worship at this nature reserve with offerings that are left at certain parts of the reserve. One part of the reserve has a natural water spring that has a sign post with information on it being St Patricks well. St Patrick was said to have visited Wirral before embarking on the journey to Ireland to rid it if snakes. Interesting. Unfortunately when I went today the well is completely covered by falling trees so I was unable to record footage of it however I have found old footage of the well that I have uploaded. 

Day 2 - Walking locally

So today I just just popped the kids in their pram and walk around the area where I live. I live close to the beach sea so it's nice fresh air and nice scenery however I just stuck to the local streets today. 

Day 3 - Walking around the local park 

So as I have came down with a virus I haven't been going to far away from home so today I just walked with the kids around the local park which is lovely and the weather was great.  


Day 4 - A walk around Oxton Village and Birkenhead Town 

Just a nice walk around Oxton Village and Birkenhead Town.


Day 5 - Walking locally again 

I take my babies around the block to get them to sleep or just for fresh air so this is what sleep have been doing on our walks mainly. We add a few blocks on to try and make it up to two miles. This time however the charge on my phone battery went half way through the wall so map my walk app didn't quite record the second half of our walk. Never mind I will make this up sometime throughout August.  

Day 6 - 

Birkenhead Park 

Today I just took my kids to the park and to Fred the ducks. We did about a mile. I didn't get any videos this time. 

To Hot To Belly Dance - Dancing Safely

 It's the heat wave of the 19th July 2022 and I've just got up after a long night in and out of bed, covers kicked on and off, kids waking because it's just to hot. 35° degrees and all the windows are open and the fans are on. I've got a spray bottle close by to spray myself and my kids down to lower the temperature and I've got frozen ice bottles under all the fans and guess what it hasn't cooled down the house much. So it dawned on me that although at one of the halls where I teach is fairly ventilated with lots of windows and theres two fans in there I definitely don't think it will be enough to teach a dance class safely. The hall is by the sea but so is my house so I don't think that the sea breeze is going to help either considering my attempts to cool down my own house after sunset and before sunrise was almost impossible, my class is a 7pm when the sun will be out beating on the windows of the hall. I know that even slight sunshine the blinds need closing and we have swapped the original upbeat warm up to a slow one. Several years ago I had done a course in dance safety with Sidi and it benefited me tremendously. Just a little knowledge in ventilation and safe temperature health and safety law provided me with knowledge of how to keep my students safe. In the past I had trained with different teachers (not just belly dance) in extreme temperatures and freezing cold temperatures both of which are not good at all.  You can cause yourself more damage by practicing in temperatures that are to high or to low. Ideally 21° degree is suitable for dancers. Let's not forget that we attract students of all ages and many many have health conditions that may be affected by the heat not to mention anyone can get heat stroke and dehydration. As teachers we have a duty of care to ensure that we are teaching our students safely and although canceling a class could see us loosing money or having hall charges to pay. So what is the legal heat temperature we should be teaching at to ensure our students are dancing safely? Between 18° - 24° degrees celsius 21° being ideal and do take into consideration that indoor heat maybe hotter that what it is outdoors depending on ventilation ect. If the hall studio or place where you teach has air conditioning that's amazing but most places don't and you still have to make sure the temperature does not go under 18° degrees.

Here is an informative article about safe dance temperature here  where you can read about safe dance temperature. 

How To Dance With a Veil Online Workshop

How to dance with a veil online workshop with Tara. In this pre recorded workshop you will learn a choreographed veil dance, all you need is enough space to dance and a veil. This is a free workshop and the song us an Arabic pop version of habibi ya eini. I do not own the copyright to the music and it is used for educational reasons. It is a free workshop but donate here if you would like to support my work- disclaimer only take part if you are fit and well enough or you have had advice / permission from a medical professional.  Ensure that you wear correct clothing and footwear suitable for dance / exercise and drink water throughout.  Tara Belly Dance cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage or any thing else that could arise from taking part. Although this workshops prerecorded videos are great step by step follow along they do not substitute the viewer/ student attending in person live classes with a teacher who can guide and correct you so you are dancing safely. You do not have permission to participate in this workshop unless you agree to the disclaimer upon taking part you automatically agree with this disclaimer. Ask and get permission by email before performing this choreography in person,  public or online. 

Video 1 - First half step by step guide without music


Video 2 - First half practiced with Music

Video 3 - Second Half Part Step by step explanation without music

Video 4 - Veil tricky part explained in more detail without music 

Video 5 - Second half practiced with music 


Belly Dance And Wellbeing


Wellbeing seems to be trending lately but most people who hold movement awareness and community spaces for others have been well aware of how what we offer can be very therapeutic. Society and science is now catching up with us through awareness of mindfulness and mental health and not to forget the ongoing studies that support our theories. Wellbeing is made up of many things and here is my theory of why I think belly dancing is definitely a form of wellbeing based upon scientific evidence and studies.

Learning - There is evidence to say that continued learning may help boost self esteem and even lift depression for some people especially in mature people. Of course the first thing you do when participation in any type of dance class including belly dance is learn. 

Community - In some research studies it has shown that people who are involved within communities are generally happier especially there is a transfer of giving and receiving. Community promotes kindness and sharing and that is one thing belly dance has a community where all dancers from student to professionals and teachers can be involved. Within the community are local communities in most areas of the UK where dancers hold events like haflas.

Social - Having a connection to others makes us feel valued and it's critical basic human need but studies have also shown that having social connections to others can lower anxiety levels and even lower the chances of other mental health issues. Social activities are promoted in belly dance where classes are the first social place and also events like haflas shows and events organised by belly dancers.

Move - Movement in the form of exercise is a great way to promote wellbeing. It slows down cognitive aging and cognitive decline that happen with age related cognitive diseases. Belly dancing is all about getting the body moving and it's also low impact so it is a safe way to exercise and it's fun.

Observe - Observing details of what is happening around us helps us to focus our minds. This is a form of mindfulness that has proven to really be beneficial for wellbeing. Within a belly dance class students observe what is bring taught and they also follow. Whilst following and practicing moves most of the time students are invited to observe how it feels within the body and also to close the eyes to focus ones mind.

Now you know a little bit about wellbeing and how belly dancing can promote it, it's the perfect chance to think about giving it a try.

Hot Pink and Rhinestones Manicure and Pedicure


There's nothing I like more than soaking my feet in front of the TV drinking a sweet cuppa tea and doing my nails. The weather's been so miserable lately and I needed a little colour and glamour in my life again (life's boring when there's no colour or sparkle 😁) so I cracked open my new hot pink glossy nail polish. Okay I thought pink is great on its own but I needed something more so I rooted through my drawer that houses sequins glitter swarofski crystals and all that sparkles. Of course my cute little Rhinestones that I love to apply to my nails where the best option for the job. Anyway without digressing I just had to share this tutorial with you all to lift them grey rain clouds and brighten up your world in the same way I Brighton up mine on gloomy days.  Enjoy!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…

1- Have you bits and bobs ready for the job !!!
 * Apply with an empty bladder or wear loose easy to remove clothing in the case you need to use the loo, you don't want to ruin your nails. Also have flip flops close by
*Nail polish Remover
*Buffer block & File
*Nail cutters
*Metal Nail tool (to pick up Rhinestones) or cuticle  / orange stick
*Cotton buds (to remove mistakes)
*Blue tack on end of cuticle stick or nail tool (to apply gems)
 *Hot pink nail polish (cerise pink) Shiny or gel inspired
*Base coat
* shiny top coat ( I use one that does both... Sally Hansens double duty.

 *Cotton pads or balls or cotton wool
*Nail Glue

* Rhinestones ( I get mine off eBay thousands for a couple of quid. See image below for info on seller. Here I've placed them into a small round container. Put blue tack on the end of a cuticle/ orange stick to pick up the gems to apply to the nail. 

STEP 1 - Prep your nails
* Remove any old polish
* Massage a little olive, coconut or even cooking oil into you cuticles
*Exfoliate your hands with a scrub or sugar / Salt under a warm tap
*Push cuticles back
*Rinse hands
*Dry hands and but rub the towel over your nail plate and cuticle to remove old skin
*Cut and shapes your nails
* Buff them to remove any ridges or uneven surfaces
*Rub a cotton pads with polish remover over your nails to remove any dust and oil

* Start on one side
*Base coat first
*Then x2 coats of hot pink polish
*Pain nail in 3 strokes cuticle to tip, centre side then side
* Dip cotton bud into nail polish remover to clean up mistakes
* Allow a minute or so between coats to set
*Try to work quickly
*Keep first coat thin
*You add a slightly thicker second coat
*Add a final layer of a shiny top coat
* Allow a couple of minutes to set
* NEVER ...Blow your nails or wave your hands around.... It won't help dry them quicker and will only cause air bubbles and uneven surface
*Don't rush off to make drink inbetween coatsπŸ‘Ž
* If your desperate for the loo be very careful pulling your garments down 😡
* Don't put shoes or slippers on your feet at least and hour after full application.... Flip flops are okay though πŸ‘£

TRICKY PART .... The Rhinestones

*Take your metal Nail tool
*Place alot of Rhinestones onto a tissue ensuring the shiny rounded part is facing up
*put blue tack on the end of your nail tool cuticle stick. Use this to pick up and appy gems or...
 *Pour some polish remover into the lid of the bottle it comes in
*Have your glue ready


*Paint a line of glue across top of nail close to cuticle
*Take nail tool and dip it into the polish lid to wet the tool quickly tap into a Rhinestones to pick up and place it on the glue close to the cuticle at the side. 

* Continue the method until you have a line right across each nail

*Remember to glue and decorate one nail at a time do the glue first dry.

*Get creative!!! Nails look great if they have a symmetrical design where both hands match but asymmetrical designs are even more interesting to the eye.

Add a very shiny top coat. Ensure you work it into and onto the Rhinestones but stick to the polish rules mention above

LAST BUT NOT LEAST..... Most important step!!!
Let your nails dry... You have 4 costs of polish in total plus glue and heavy Rhinestones that need to set and settle in. If you get up to make a drink or fiddle with paper work or your phone you will ruin the art work plus you would have wasted your time. I'm talking an hour of sitting down being very careful. Not to even knock your nails on anything.
Have you partner make you a drink while you enjoy the weight off your feet. You deserve it!!!


Green Protein Smoothy Recipe

 Here is a green smoothie recipe that's easy, low in fat high in protein iron and vitamin C and iron that is a quick nutritious, great for breakfast or when you are on the go. As dancers we need our protein to feed our muscles when we are training performing and teaching but high protein can be beneficial for many reasons not just when training for example, I had upped my protein intake after having my two gorgeous babies, two csections and recoveries in just over one year, I had split weak tummy muscles A.K.A diastris recti,  lost a lot of hair and struggled to loose weight for around fifteen months after giving birth. Although there wasn't a quick fix because by body and hormones had taken alot of stress in a short period of time and I wasn't getting any sleep (thanks kids πŸ˜„). With a diciplined high protein healthy lifestyle change along with a daily routine of special gentle tummy exercise to bring the muscles back together along with yoga and yoga nidra all helped me become stronger and even my hair started to grow back. Some smoothies or protein shakes don't taste very nice but with added nutritional ingredients this one is very tasty. 


What You Will Need
A blender
A glass or a Cup
A tablespoon of almond butter or peanut butter ( peanuts are higher in fat,  pick a pure butter without palm oil sugar ect)
A scoop of vanilla whey protein
 (low fat brand - I use PHD diet whey - which is packed with natural ingredients like green tea)
A handful of fresh Spinach leaves
One small or half of a large banana (I freeze mine)
A tea spoon if cinnamon (levels blood sugar and insulin levels and stops your body storing unnecessary fat
A small glass of water 
Some ice (if using non frozen banana)

Stick it all in the blender (or in a container if using a hand blender) & blend untill it turns into a smoothy / shake 

 Pure ground almond or peanut nut Butter are best. Avoid ones with added ingredients like sugar or palm oil. 
 Vanilla whey protein works best because it's quite a plain flavour and goes with most ingredients. Use what flavour you prefer. Swap the water for almond milk or coconut water if you prefer. 

You can have this any time of day especially after working out but it's a great healthy breakfast for people on the go or on a health kick.


Egyptian Drumming Group Wirral Merseyside



We meet most months at Wallasey Village URC Church Hall every first Saturday of each month or occasionally on zoom on alternative days/nights. All details provided in this page and on the Facebook page. The next meeting is on zoom on Sunday 12th June 1.30pm

We are a friendly group of Egyptian drummers based on the Wirral. We meet every first Saturday of each month in Wallasey Village. 

Egyptian drumming workshops are hosted by Tara and taught by dancer & drummer Michelle Pender. Each session runs for around an hour and a half and the fee is £15 per session. New members are welcome regardless of experience. You may be an absolute beginner or someone who has drummed for a while but want to be part of a group it doesn't matter you are more than welcome. Our group as it is at the moment is made up of drummers of all abilities. Our group is also beneficial to those who may have studied Egyptian dance and want to get familiar with drumming to compliment dance or to improve in dance authentically. Michelle is a teacher with lots of experience in teaching both drumming and dance and has a world of knowledge you are in good hands. Egyptian drumming is traditionally taught and performed by men however it has become popular with Women also. Our group invites people of all genders. 

What to bring - 

Yourself and if you have a drum bring that along!

What type of drum? An Egyptian Darbuka is preferred but Turkish style is also suitable.

What is a darbuka - It is a goblet shaped drum 

What if I haven't got a drum? 

That's okay there are some spares available to borrow but you will have to tell us a few days before as Michelle travels from Manchester to teach us.

How do I book and pay -

If you don't have a drum please contact to book a drum / space

If you do have a drum just turn up! 1.30pm every first Saturday of each month

Pay at class with cash 


We can be added to the WhatsApp group if you like once you become a member or alternatively follow the Facebook page Wirral Belly Dancing where updates are shared regularly.

For more information on the drumming or to borrow a drum contact

We are the only Egyptian drum group of our type situated in the Merseyside area. The group is for learning authentic Egyptian hand drumming rhythms. We focus solely on learning /teaching authentic rhythms that are played in Egyptian culture. 

 Our drum group is an inclusive welcoming group meaning everyone is welcome!  

Seated Chair Belly Dance - Simple Hand Movement

Did you know that belly dance can be practiced by everybody? Even if you prefer a gentle style of dance or you have low mobility or a health condition that affects you belly dancing can be open to you. You just have to think outside of the box. As I have. So you may have heard of chair exercise, You may have heard of chair yoga but have you heard of chair belly dancing ? Well you may have an idea about what a chair dance is, often we think of chair dance like Burlesque or sexxy dance and there's nothing wrong with sexxy chair dance but seated belly dance the way that I teach it is artistic however when performing you be as sexxy or artistic as you like. However my chair belly dance lessons are focused on learning simple moves that are accessible for everyone. All you need is a chair and some optional cushions. If your back feels stable and you have good core strength and healthy posture you can sit on a stool or on the floor in a cross legged posture. If you have a wheel chair this dance is beneficial for you. Remember when practicing to follow the advice and take responsibility for your own wellbeing, go at your own pace and stop if you need to. Enjoy. 

Over the next few sessions I will be adding more lessons like this. Seated Belly Dance With Tara

Lesson one - Simple Arms Movement

Belly Dancers From TV and Film

Welcome to the belly dancers from TV and Film blog post.

One of the first places I had seen a belly dancer was on TV as a child. It was in the James Bond 007 Hollywood movie from Russia with love. It was really my first inspiration of wanting to know more about the dance with its exotic moves and mystical sounding music. Later my mothers Turkish friend gave her a VHS tape with Turkish TV shows and music videos on it and this where I had seen a little dancing on a Turkish TV show. I'll add  more about that later. So I have spent years researching belly dancers from the movies and on TV and compiled my own list of videos both from home and away with descriptions of what is going on in the movie or TV show or music video that involves the belly dancers. So here is my list some videos are great others maybe not but it's all for fun so I hope you enjoy and please check back to see if I've added more videos and information. Any other information I find I will add otherwise just Enjoy 😊 

1. TV Show / film Title - Columbo 

 TV Film or Other - American TV show

Season - 5  Identity Crisis 

Date - 2nd November 1975

How many minutes into the video - 

From the beginning 

Name Of Dancer - Unknown

What Part Does The Belly Dance/s Play?

Added soon! 

Plot or Anything Else To add? Coming soon 

2- TV Show / Film Title - Curse Of The Mummies Tomb (American)
TV Film or Other - Film
Season - N/A
Date - 1964
How many minutes into the video - 
From the beginning 
Name of Dancer - unknown
What Part Does The Dancer Play -  added soon!
Plot or Anything Else To Add - coming soon 

3 - 
TV Show / Film -  From Russia with love James Bond 007
TV Film or Other - Movie
Season - N/A
Date - 1964
How many minutes into the video - from the beginning 
Name of Dancer - unknown
What Part Does The Dancer Play - Dancer at a traveler caravan site
Plot or Anything Else To Add - American Hollywood movie where 007 is on a spy mission once again. He attends a traveller caravan site in Turkey where he is treated to a belly dance show. Of course as usual Women in most if these movies are just to put him off the scent. Eventually things take a turn for the worst until he defeats the baddies. 

4 - 
TV Show / Film Title-Sex and The City 2 
TV Film or Other - Movie
Season - N/A
Date - unknown 
How many minutes into the video - 1.33
Name of Dancers - 
Belly Dance America 
What Part Does The Dancer Play - Group of glam dancers performing at a nightclub
Plot or anything Else To Add -  this is literally just a clip in the trailer. If you watch the movie you will see the full dance part in the nightclub. Location was said to be set in Abu Dhabi but it is said to have been filmed in Morocco.

TV Show / Film Title - Americas Got Talent
TV Film or Other - TV Show
Season - unknown 
Date - 2010
How many minutes into the video - from the beginning
Name of Dancer - Kaya & Sadie
What Part Does The Dancer Play -  Talent competition 
Plot or Anything Else To Add - No

TV Show / Film Title - Valley of the kings
TV Film or Other  
Season - N/A
Date - 1954
How many minutes into the video- from the beginning
Name of Dancer - Samia Gamal
What Part Does The Dancer Play - Egyptian Dancer
Plot or Anything Else To Add - filmed in Egypt Samia was a real Egyptian belly dancer & Egyptian movie star!

TV Show / Film Title - Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares 
TV Film or Other  - TV show
Season- unknown 
Date - unknown 
How minutes into the video - 0.52
Name of Dancer - unknown 
What Part Does The Dancer Play - Restaurant performer and restaurant owner
Plot or Anything Else To Add - Gordon goes in to the restaurant to try and save it as a buisness that the owners are running into the ground. He is shocked that one if the owners also entertains customers with belly dancing. In his standard she doesn't fit the part as a restaurant owner or entertainer. 

TV Show / Film Title - Sex & The City
TV Film or Other - TV show
Season- 3 Episode 4 Miranda's Goddess Workout 
Date - unknown 
How minutes into the video - beginning 
Name of Dancer - unknown 
What Part Does The Dancer Play - Dance teacher
Plot or Anything Else To Add - Miranda is having problems in her relationship and she thinks she needs more feminine energy in her life so she attends a belly dance class that is goddess themed. She doesn't really like it. 

TV Show / Film Title - The Man With Bogharts Facev
TV Film or Other - Film 
Season- n/a
Date - 1970s
How minutes into the video - beginning 
Name of Dancer - unknown 
What Part Does The Dancer Play - Group of  dancers performing at the blue camel
Plot or Anything Else To Add - N/aat is goddess themed. She doesn't really like it. 

10 -.  
TV Show / Film Title - Zarak
TV Film or Other - Film 
Season- n/a
Date - 1956
How minutes into the video - 1.03 mins 
Name of Dancer - Anita Ekberg is the main dancer & a group of unknown backing dancers.
What Part Does The Dancer Play - Anita Ekberg was an actress. In this film clip she wear a belly dance costume but the dancing has elements of belly dance but  seems burlesque or strip inspired.