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Belly Dance Classes

Bellydance Arts & Fitness Classes Courses & Workshops in Merseyside Contact us / book private lessons Wirral Belly Dancing  Classes 2023/2024  Our Wallasey and Hoylake belly dancing classes  have merged into one very small privately ran group of advanced students / ameture performers. J anuary 2023 was the last intake of new / beginner students.   You are welcome to register an interest in the group and put your self forward and we will contact you if a place becomes available or if the classes open back up publically to mixed ability students. Any new / future classes / courses will be published on this page feel free to check back from time to time to see if it is updated.  Liverpool City Centre Belly Dance at Whisc / Elliot Clark  This class is not running anymore since 2019. They may run again in the future. Old Information  Thanks for visiting my website  after ten years of holding classes in Liverpool city centre Hoylake and Wallasey,  January 2023 was my last intake of n

10 Benefits of Belly Dance

 Ten Benefits To Belly Dance 

Belly dancing has many benefits and here are ten reasons to belly dance and how it is so good for you. 

A Beneficial Form of Exercise That is Proven to Help Women 

Belly dance is a low impact type of exercise of moderate to high intensity. Depending on what moves and steps you are learning practicing or performing there is evidence that it can help you tone up and even loose some weight if that's what you want to do. It includes cardiovascular resistance and flexibility techniques that strengthens the body whilst stretching it. By practicing the dance for at least one hour per session you have the ability to cut calories 

It has been well documented on the benefits for female reproductive organs and in some countries the wonderful moves are said to be performed in preparation for and after child birth, It has been said the movements help to reduce or control the pains of labour and child birth. There have been scientific studies carried out to find out if the claims of belly dance being beneficial for Women and the results came back positive. A Chinese study saw Women of various ages who had bladder problems from mild weakness to more severe problems. The Women where asked to practice certain belly dance moves several times per week for two hours over a period of several weeks. The studies proved to have  helped many of the women regain strength and control over their bladders and some even avoided having to have invasive bladder surgery. 

Belly dancing is suitable for all women including those of low mobility due to age physical ailments like osteoporosis or diseases like cancers, Pregnant and postnatal Women. 

Great For Balance Digestion Rehabilitation and Posture

One of the first things you may learn at a belly dancing class is how to hold good posture. Having good posture should incorporate your core muscles which in tow helps with balance. Your core muscles include your stomach diaphragm and buttock muscles. A person with good posture may ward off ailments caused by having poor posture as it may keep people stay or become supple and youthful. Your posture is part of your body language. By incorporating good posture you come across to others as more positive attractive approachable and confident. If you have had a bad time try incorporating positive body posture and see how it makes you feel. Belly dancing has similar benefits to other exercise programs such as yoga and pilates. Some belly dancing movements such as the belly roll help aid in digestion and many movements can aid in rehabilitation for the likes of bone and joint diseases, Cancers or post surgery once you have had the all clear to participate by a medical professional. 

Mind Body Spirit Connection 

Belly dancing is not only a brilliant form of physical exercise it has a positive impact on the mind. It is promoted as a womens type of dance that supports and strengthens the female body as well as accepting all ages and body types to join. There isn't a need to conform to ideals in Western media it's okay to be you and lol the way you do. This along with boosting all those feel good Happy hormones helps boost confidence and self esteem. A lot women describe their dance journey searching for weight loss but happen to accept and love their bodies. Many ladies who follow certain spiritual paths see the historical connection of belly dance being the oldest dance and that of the goddess and although there's isn't much archaeological evidence to back it up you can definitely see and feel why the dance is considered sacred... because it has the ability to make a Woman feel like a living goddess!

Find Your Tribe 

It's no secret that belly dancing attracts people from all walks of life with various personality types from introverts to extroverts. I have met some of the most wonderful people since I started belly dancing back in 2005.

No wonder many life long friendships are made at a local belly dancing class great minds connect. At a belly dancing class you get to meet like minded interesting people. That and all of the great belly dancing haflas (Belly dance performance party) Shows festivals and events.

Build Bridges By Learning About Culture Music & Arts

That's right belly dancing is not only a pretty women in a glitzy costume dancing at the local restaurant it has rich history and culture. It is popular all over the Middle East and counties that surround the Mediterranean sea. There are many styles that originated in Egypt Turkey and North Africa. Each country or area has its own style and rules that flow with the culture of the area. Music culture and arts has always been known to connect people from all walks of life.

Let's Play Dress Up

Dressing up is a little or a lot like a makeover. It makes you feel good and gives you a change from the mundane of every day life. Just putting on a belly dancing costume can make you feel special or like a superwoman. This is just one way to help release or counteract stress. It is not good for your mental health but also for your health in general. Many people who attend belly dancing classes say they feel their mood transform just by tying a coin scarf around their hips. 

Learn a New a Skill Boost Coordination Confidence and Self Esteem 

Learning to dance really is great for the body self esteem and the brain. Wether you have lost some coordination through injury disease or aging learning to dance can really help you to get back on track. Mastering certain moves through repetitive practice can certainly make one feel proud and more confident. Confidence spreads into other areas of your life and things that you may have avoided in the past may now seem less daunting allowing you to be able to take a leap. Growing your confidence makes you feel worthy and proud therefore can lead to much better self esteem. When we have good self esteem it flows into many areas of life. Don't forget that belly dance was born from traditional Egyptian dance. A dance of the people used for many parties but also some moves such as the zar and camels where and it is said still are used in aid of releasing tension and stress and even to aid in labour and child birth pain. 

Be Part Of A Community 

That's right! You would be surprised just how big a the belly dance community is. There are many people connecting and creating and there is always opportunities to meet people attend social and formal events  get involved or even creating your own stuff for others to take part in. The local community is friendly and welcoming and there is lots of stuff going on. Some teachers also organise events and create their own mini community within their dance school which is just as good. 

Unleash Your Inner Showgirl 

Ever thought you wanted to become a dancer and life just happened? Well theres no need for your dreams to be completely dashed and age really doesn't matter in the belly Dance world. Some of the most successful dancers did not step foot into a class until they where well over forty. Maybe it is a low key hafla you would like to perform in or an all out theatre showcase or how about just performing for yourself. Who knows maybe one day you may become a professional dancer yourself or go on to share your passion through teaching others. It doesn't matter if you are naturally the life and soul of the party or you are the shy woman in the corner there are opportunities to perform and when you perform it really brings about inner confidence. Some of the shyest introverted people find they have an extroverted side on stage and I have seen shy people become the most amazing dancers with their adorable precense and natural charisma. Those things you need as a performer but is very hard to teach. There is a place for everyone.

Therapeutic Transformation and Relaxation Ritual 

Belly dancing with its hypnotic Egyptian music and slow fluid meditative movements help to bring about a relaxing state of consciousness which is really relaxing. Melt away the troubles of your day with a super chilled out belly dance cool down. 

Speaking from a personal aspect I believe belly dance transformed my life in a positive way after several traumatic events that shattered my confidence and self esteem through participating in classes I was able to heal from the inside out. In my experience as a teacher I have witnessed the transformative effects of the dance on many of my students especially those who where survivors or trauma. Although belly Dance should not be taken up in place of other psychological therapies it certainly helps as an additional activity to run along side traditional therapy.