School Workshops

Egyptian Dance & Drum Workshop
This workshop introduces children to culture music and dance from the town of port said that is situated in Egypt along the Nile River. Authentic drum rhythms and dance is taught along with an authentic prop the dance cane. Some history culture and geographical information is taught alongside the dancing and drumming and there is an opportunity gorfthe children to try on clothing and play drum rhythms. This style of dance is a dance of the people and teaches children about how people live in this part of Egypt. The cane dance is based upon the martial art called tahib that was and still is performed by men. The dance was very much inspired by the martial and us both performed by Men and Women. 

Raqs Sharqi / Oriental Dance Workshop
This workshop is designed to teach children what this dance is and where it originated. With elements of folkloric and artistic techniques as well as fun hip scarves and dance props the children are sure to be entertained as well as educated. The  Children will learn about finger cymbals as well as dance moves such as snake arms the Choo Choo shimmy and figure of eights. Other props such as the silk or chiffon veil is taught (long piece of flowing material). Warm ups games and activities are included baking with either a fun easy to follow along end dance routine, Circle dance or a choreography bis taught depending on the time frame. 

Here in the UK and in many other parts of the world this style of dance also known as belly dancing is and was originally known as Raqs Sharqi in Egypt, Orytal Dansi in Turkey and oriental dance or dance of the east in many other North African and Middle Eastern countries. Each style is similar however each country has its own unique flair that is recognisable to the trained eye or the people who this dance belongs to.