Hire a Belly Dancer

Hire a professional belly dancer for your special occasion
Family celebration, Hen or Children's party. Tuition for arts culture community charity or school / education events. Based in Merseyside. Covering areas of Wirral Liverpool Chester Cheshire. May cover Northwales Northwest and furtherView videos here---
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Email-  taradanceinfo@gmail.com

Tara's Shows -
My shows are dynamic and include artistic classy performance with some entertaining tasteful participation.
Each set is 15 mins approx (less than 10minutes is the same price)
Tuition is 30-60 minutes (depending on age group)

Artistic Performance -
I perform oriental style belly dance which covers classical polished and the traditional folkloric Egyptian, Turkish, North African, Greek & theatrical fusions (modern, R&B, Latin, Mystical ect) cabaret. I perform with props such as the silk veil, Fans & wings, The sword & cane, The feather boa, Balancing tray & Shamadan (candleabra headpiece). I play the zills / sagat / finger cymbals). My personal style is dynamic focusing on musicality, Fluidity, Strong percussive isolations, Turns, Full use of stage / performance area. At times I have stage props.

Entertainment -
Belly dancing is not only artistic it can be entertaining. Drum solo is a skilled dance that is upbeat fun and great to watch. Participation is a big part of a restaurant show but it is also a party starter. Wether the participation focuses on having a guest of honour or a the whole guest list it up to dance or get dressed up it is fun to get involved and fun to watch. I often get asked to present a cake or gift. I have attended themed parties where I have performed as (Wonder Women, Princess Jasmine, Cleopatra, Josephine Baker ect). If you have an idea in mind get in touch I consider most parties & events.

Tuition Workshops & Lessons - 

I provide tuition for hen parties / ladies nights, Children's parties, At schools & cultural / arts / community events. The tuition I provide is a mix of authentic & safe belly dance technique put together with moves ideal for health & fitness. I add in historical / mythological information as we go along and incorporate a fun social dance and/or dance games. I provide coin belts & props for all to wear & return.
20-60 minutes

-A non refundable deposit of £25 is required to hold the booking.
-Pay the rest on the day/night before the show.
- A booking / Performance contract must be signed and sent back before the day.
- I do not attend male only events, or events that are unpaid or underpaid so please do not contact me about these kinds of events.
- View my videos before contacting me. If you like my style great if you don't that's okay. Look for another dancer.
- Children must be supervised.

Contact - taradanceinfo@gmail.com (add your name contact details & message)


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