Add some exotic sparkle colour and glamour to your event with Tara Merseyside professional belly dance performer entertainer and instructor 
Available for bookings at birthdays weddings hen parties private functions events nursing homes house parties and all special occasions. 

Tara has experience performing and teaching at a diverse range of events and celebrations for many cultural and British communities. Her dancing teaching and appearance is of a high standard whilst her personality is friendly and approachable. She performs Egyptian and Turkish styles of oriental and cabaret dance as well as traditional North African folkloric and theatrical fusion styles. Her repitoire includes working beautifully with props such as silk and chiffon veils, Sword, Tray and fire candles, shamadan candelabra, Isis cleopatra wings, Egyptian raqs al assaya stick dance and cabaret cane dance, Fan veils. Tara has mastered playing the zills or sagat (also known as finger cymbals) whilst dancing which makes her shows unique and masterful. She is based in Merseyside and covers the areas of Liverpool Wirral Chester Lancashire North Wales and further. Wether it is beautiful artist performance, Upbeat fun entertainment or a more laid back social dance you woukd like to feature for your special occasion Tara has the experience skill and personality to provide it. 
Her classic performance and teaching entertainment sets include the following 

*10 Minute Mini Set
*20 Minute Classic Set 
*30 Minute Classic Set 

*X2 15 Minute Classic sets with or without a costume change 

*You may book an additional individual specialised set for Egyptian and Arabic weddings called the zeffa. 
*You may book an additional individual performance for a procession fashion show or community event parade. 

*Hen Party / Lesson Booking 
Usually a 1 hour booking 

*Full day booking 
Suitable for media TV publication music video features 

*Corporate / Tailored Bookings
Suitable for meet and greet, Float around or event ambience 

*Hire solo duo or group of belly dancers for your special occasion or event. Professional or  ameture dancers available upon request depending on the type of event being organised. 

*upon booking you will be expected to pay a small holding deposit as well as filling out and signing the booking agreement and sending it back in the post or by email. 

* Rates

For rates and booking contact using the contact form below or by email - tarasdanceinfo@gmail.com 

Contact Form


Email *

Message *

Include as much Information as possible.

About Me - My name is Tara and I am a professional popular dynamic and unique belly dancer entertainer and teacher based In Merseyside I cover areas of Wirral Liverpool Chester Northwales and Lancashire however I may travel further your event. I have over ten years of experience attending events and parties and have been featured on TV Radio and printed publications. Booking details videos and lots of other information is presented below. 

Booking - For all booking enquiries contact me first by using the contact form or by email. Send details about your party and I will reply to you with my availability and a quote. Once all is confirmed I will send you a booking contract that you should fill out and sign then send it back by email or in the post. My contact details will be shared with you privately.

Contact - tarasdanceinfo@gmail.com

What I do / My stylization- All of my shows and sets are dynamic and depending on what the client requires can include artistic classic entrance performance and beautiful belly Dance technique lively drum solo with authentic Egyptian Turkish and North Africa dance or cabaret and theatrical fusion belly dancing entertainment. I am skilled in not only belly dance and entertaining participation but also performing with finger cymbals and props such as the silk veil cleopatra wings the Egyptian cane as well as balancing props such as the sword shamadan candleabra and tray with candles and more. I am a popular and successful teacher and choreographer known for my artistic flair and creative unique style that can be seen in the routines and shows I produce for my dance students and the public.
I present the dance and myself in an appropriate professional manner and my shows are always suitable for family gatherings including children.

Types Of Events and Parties I Attend - I attend most events wether large or small. Over the past ten years I have attended large events and smaller gatherings and all inbetween. They include Restaurants Weddings Birthday Parties Residential and nursing homes Pubs Hotels spas Hospitals Racing courses Office parties Museums Clubs Festivals House parties christenings reenactment events schools places of worship religious and spiritual gatherings women's centres charity events TV Radio and printed publications all types of hen parties and women's gatherings, Some stag parties that have been held in a public place with all genders present such as a restaurant or a pub, Arts history and culture events, LGBT celebrations Community events surprise parties and more.

Prices / Rates
- There are a range of prices for performances at a variety of parties celebrations and even performance wether locally or in areas further afield. The common booking optiond are usually between ten and twenty five minutes long however all events and parties are unique so please contact for rates. All rates from me are reasonable and in line with other local professional artist performers and entertainers.
- Tailored performances for full day bookings and weddings  are a separate option and price

Your Venue - As the organiser you are the best person to organise your venue for the a party. Having a belly dancer perform and entertain at your party is usually an additional activity for an already existing party. A function room restaurant dance hall studio club hotel room holiday apartment pub salon or even an indoor or outdoor space at home is suitable as long as there is enough space and it is safe suitable and appropriate to dance in. Tara is able to bring a sound speaker along to smaller space or an MP3 player or CD for larger spaces that that requiret DJ to play on a sound system in a larger space and bigger event.

- Deposits are expected if your venue address is out of the immediate Liverpool or Wirral areas. If a deposit is required it's will be £25 which comes off the full price and can be paid by PayPal bank transfer or postal order / cheque or cash in person if you live locally.

Paying For your party Booking
Cash is accepted for payments on the day of the hen party lesson before or just after the lesson. If you prefer to pay by cheque postal order bank transfer or PayPal this must be done in advance.

Receipts / Invoice
You will be provided with an invoice on the day of the hen party lesson.

Tara will not discuss the booking / payment or information with anyone other than the original person who booked the lesson unless someone is allocated.

Want to come and see me perform before booking or want to experience a fun lesson before booking ? Attend a local belly dancing hafla / event or restaurant where I will be performing (ask me about this) Try a drop in class on Saturday mornings 11.30am at the Hoylake parade community centre £5.
Or check out the videos below

Performance Ladies Event

Hen Party Performance and Lesson

Pregnant Belly Dance

Dance Group

*Have a look at the booking options prices and frequently asked questions below by scrolling down.

*Contact Tara by email tarasdanceinfo@gmail.com or contact her agent by phone. Please include your name date time and venue address of your event and any details. 

*If Tara is available to perform at your event she will confirm this and send you a booking contact that should be completed and sent back to by email or in the post.

Price Guide

Mini set - 15 Mins from £100
Classic 25 - 40 mins  from150 - £200
(Classic can be split into two sets and can  include a break in-between and a costume change)
Lesson - 30-60 minutes from £80+
Lesson & performance from £150+

-One Off Restaurant booking from £80 per half hour set. 
- Regular restaurant work at a discounted price of £60 per half hour set
*I only offer a discounted rate to restaurants that sign my performance employment contract and agree on hiring me several times per month for at least three months. 
*I charge double on special occasions and holidays. 
*If you would like a group of dancers performing several sets this can be arranged. Contact me about this. 

Weddings and Large Events 
From £300
Includes a beautiful performance participation and optional add ons listed below

Zeffa Shamadan ( candle-abra dance)
Dance troupe
Tailored booking
Contact for details

Frequently asked questions

Will you dance at my event for free?

 I do not perform for free. I do however work voluntary or funded with five  organisations in Merseyside that support and fundraise for arts culture and women's services. The organisations that I work with are The Wirral Arts Festival, The Wirral Festival Of Firsts, Incubabies, Women's Aid / Refuge and WHISC (women's health and information centre Liverpool) I respect their ethics and values and have actually witnessed the positive benefits brought to people by the organisations I work with.
If you are a genuine organisation or charity please feel free to contact me about events you may be running. *I DO NOT ATTEND EVENTS WHERE EVERYTHING BUT THE ENTERTAINMENT IS PAID FOR. PLEASE RESPECT AND SUPPORT LOCAL ARTISTS AND THEIR ART FORMS BY PAYING THEM A FAIR WAGE! 

What style of dance do you perform
I am trained in folkloric traditional cabaret theatrical fusion and modern styles of dance from Turkey Egypt and other countries if North Africa and the Middle East. The styles can be performed individually or mixed.

Do you perform with props
Yes I am skilled at Performing with silk veil, Swords, Wings, Cane, finger cymbals and more

Can you travel to my city? It all depends on where you are. I am based in Merseyside and able to travel further. Contact me to discuss this.

Is belly dancing suitable for Children?
Yes! Belly dancing is suitable for the whole family. I often teach it at schools and at girls birthday parties.

I have been quoted a cheaper price from another belly dancer can you offer discount?
No sorry the prices is set to a fair rate and can not be changed. Please be aware when booking a professional dancer for your event that cheaper doesn't mean better. Most entertainers charge a similar price locally.

Hire a glamorous belly dancer in Merseyside Chester and areas of Cheshire Lancashire North Wales & further UK

Wether you are organising a surprise birthday party, A wedding or a large public event Tara has the experience to be able to offer artistic performance fun entertainment and participation all in one package. Her dance sets are suitable for all occasions. Time rages from 10- 90 minutes or longer costing from £100.  From £80 for a hen party belly dance lesson. *Click here for hen parties* A travel fee, Dposit and other costs may be added on top of the price depending on the venue address if it is out of the immediate area of Wirral / Liverpool city centre and to secure out of area bookings.
Contact Tara for a friendly chat.
*Please be aware Tara usually performs at restaurants on special occasions and she works within a fair going rate that other professionals charge. When you hire an experienced professional you are expected to pay a fare price for high quality. Tara does not perform for cheap or for free.
Tara works under an agent from time to time. When booked through an agent or alternative website the price will be higher in order to pay the agent fee. By booking through this website you only pay the artist. Some bookings go through an agent for safety purposes. If you require a group of professional dancers do let Tara know as she often works with other gorgeous professional dancers. 

Contact Tara by email - taradanceinfo@gmail.com
New Phone Number - coming soon! 
Contact form below -

Tara has performed at many events and occasions such as suprise birthday parties, Arabian themed events, Schools, Baby showspers christenings and kids parties, Hen and public stag parties and ladies evenings, Nursing homes offices, House parties, religious and spiritual events, LBGT and multi cultural events, Museums Radio stations universities, Restaurants Hospitals and do much more. Most bookings are considered. Tara does not attend private male only events. 

Contact Form


Email *

Message *

Hire A Professional Belly Dancer
Contact - taradanceinfo@gmail.com

Hire a belly dancer in Wirral Liverpool Merseyside Chester Northwales Northwest UK & further.
Tara's shows are beautiful dynamic with elements of artistic cultural performances, Creative flair and skilled entertainment. They are always tasteful family friendly uplifting and of a high standard. Tara specialises in performing at many events from the fun upbeat and personable private family parties, Hen parties,  Children's celebrations and community events to high standard history culture and arts events and weddings. Tara is often booked for special events such as Newyears Eve or grand openings at Restaurants and other establishments where she charges double the price of ordinary restaurant performances.

Mini Show - 5- 10 minutes
Includes tasteful entance performance with a silk veil. Can include entertaining participation. Ussually booked for suprise parties and other events where shorter performance slots are prefered. 

Classic Show - 20-30 minutes

A traditional three to five part show that is tasteful and includes the use of props such as silk veil sword finger cymbals and others. This show ussually includes participation (optional). Put together as one longer show or two shorter sets with or without costume change.  

Tuition / Lessons / Talks / Workshops - 20-90 minutes

Suitable for hen bridal parties, Children's parties, Corporate team building days, Groups get togethers, Nursing homes, Schools, Organisations. Contact for information and rates

Community & Charity Events - 20 minutes

Professional and student performance show. Can include participation and mini workshop. Very popular for nursing homes as well as public family events.
Contact for information and rates.
We offer four voluntary performance shows / workshops per year for the following events - Wirral Arts Festival,  The Festival Of Firsts & WHISC Liverpool as well as other funded and non profitable charitable organisations and events. If you are a profitable organisation / event we expect to be paid. Please respect us & our artform. 

Tailored Performance shows & events

Contact Tara with your preferences.

Want a duo or trio of beautiful dancers? 

Please contact Tara for information & rates.

Previous clients & experience include - Mezze Turkish Restaurant, Ego Restaurants, Havin Turkish restaurant, Figos restaurant, Grand Jewel in the Crown restaurant, Newz Bar, Chester Race Course, Zara Perfumeries, BBC Radio Merseyside, Club Orientation, The Secret Circus, Liverpool Mental Health Consortium, Liverpool World Museum, Chester Roman Tours, Viking Reenactments, Ya Raqs Egyptian & North African Dance Troup, Newsham Park Festival, Festival Of Firsts. Wirral Arts Festival, Liverpool John Moore's University / Redmond media building, Liverpool Arts College, Wirral Older People's Parliament, St Austin's Catholic School, The Priory School Birkenhead & Many more.

Booking Terms & Conditions
A £25 booking deposit may be required for events outside of the immediate area. A performance contact will be provided upon booking and must be signed prior to the booking date.


Shows include an entrance piece with beautiful dance props, Skilled dance improvisations and choreographed routines and when appropriate the fun element of guests or guest of honor participation Entertainment. Pricing is fair and similar to what other professional dancers and entertainers are charging in the area. *Note Tara does not perform for free. 

Mini show / Dancing Bellygram - 10 minutes
Entertainment focused.

This specialised show is suitable for day time or early evening smaller get togethers. Suprise parties, Birthdays, Leaving dos, Office & house parties. I have attended hen and stag parties that have been held in an open public venue (such as a pub, Social club or restaurant) where men and women have been present (for safety reasons I do not attend male only parties that are held in private). A mini show is also a good option for those whose guests are unfamiliar with the multi cultural music and culture of belly dance. I am often asked by the organiser of the party to present a gift, cake or a message (similar to a singing telegram only with dancing instead of singing) * Note that my personal style of entertainment is always tasteful, Classy & comedy orientated. Where the guests or guest of honour is always put first! See videos below.
Price - from £75

Classic Show - 20 - 30 Minutes

This show is suitable for all types of parties and events whether birthday party, Large event or weddings. This show includes artistic skilled tasteful performances and can include entertaining participation (optional). You are able to have one 20 minute set or X2 15 minute sets with a break in between sets. 
Price - 20 mins from £100
X2 15 mins from £125

Multi Show - 
Suitable for events where it is required for performances to be spaced out throughout the evening. Great for corporate events ect.
X3 10 minutes - from £150
Add costume changes extra cost.

Tuition / Lessons

Lesson / Performance & Lesson / Talk & performance / Lesson & Talk
20-90 minutes (depending on age group - usual time is 60 minutes)
Tuition is suitable for residential nursing homes, School workshops, Hens & kids parties or get together's where there are small groups of guests. This is popular for hen parties children's sleep over / pamper parties, Girl guides & Women's groups.
Coin hip belts & props are provided for all to wear / use and return. The birthday girl or boy / host or hen gets a special gift. *Note if you have a dance floor a DJ and lots of guests a lesson will simply not be suitable. Ask about a dance show with participation instead. 
Price - Contact For Rates

Community Events
Tara Dance Arts 

Tara is available to attend community events for performance and / or workshops. She may be able to bring her student dance troupe depending on their availability etc. Tara's workshops are usually in sets of 15-20 minutes throughout the day and they include a short belly dance performance & a fun belly dance workshop where everyone is encouraged to participate. However she has attended many events where there has been a town carnival parade and after parade performance slots where participants have been asked to perform. She is open to new ideas and looks forward to working within the community again. Contact Tara by email - taradanceinfo@gmail.com

All Day Bookings & Tailored Bookings

contact for details.

Hire gorgeous talented belly dancers for parties Restaurants hen parties and events in Merseyside Chester Liverpool Cumbria Lake District North Wales Wirral Lancashire Cheshire Northwest National International.