Add some exotic sparkle colour and glamour to your event with Tara Merseyside professional belly dance performer entertainer & instructor 

Available for bookings at birthdays weddings hen parties private functions grand balls restaurants shisha lounges cabaret shows Ladies nights Arabian or Moroccan themed corporate events summer festivals childrens dance parties nursing homes house or office parties theatre media and TV and all special events and occasions. Taras shows are  family friendly. Based in Merseyside covering Chester Lancashire Northwales & Further. 

I am taking a break from performance and other bookings to focus on looking after my toddlers. I am continuing teaching dance and other subjects.

Traditional Belly Dance Show
This show is suitable for parties and events of all types. It includes beautifully skilled and authentic oriental dance upbeat entertaining drum solos & participation. 

Shows include dance props such as silk veil sword fans wings Egyptian cane and finger cymbal as well as entertaining participation.  The show runs for 20-30 minutes in one or two sets. 

Mini Show
This shows runs for 10 mins and includes dance performances and fun particpation. This is the best option for occasions or events where a short show is preferred such as suprise birthday parties office or house parties.

Meet and greet ambience atmospheric bookings available upon request.

Hen Parties & Ladies Nights 
A 30-60 minute dance party is a great way to start a hen night off. Everyone gets to learn sassy belly dance moves and easy to follow dance routines. You can book a party with or without a short professional belly dance performance. Coin hip belts are provided for everyone to wear and return and glitzy face gems for all to apply ready for your selfies.

The hen or host gets a lovely gift. If you want to learn to belly dance with dance props or you want to learn choreography this is all available upon request at an extra cost and length of time. Ussually the host or person in charge of booking organises a hall venue room or dance studio however venue organisation may be available upon request. *A room in your home or space within your garden that is safe to dance in is suitable. 

Childrens Shimmy & Shine Belly Dance and Glitter Tattoos Parties
Belly dance parties are a great way for children to bond learn and have some fun. The party includes applying face gems dance warm up games learning fun moves like snake arms and fun easy to follow dance rouines to fun upbeat Egyptian and Arabic pop dance music.

The guest of honour recieves a special gift and everyone gets to wear a coin hep belt. There are photograph opportunities at the end of the session for you to mark the memory of the day. 

Glitter tattoos are a special form of body art using cosmetic grade glitter. They are applied using special cosmetic grade non toxic body adhesive.

Tara your belly dance teacher is also a fully qualified and experienced fashion and photographic makeup artist. She is insured to apply this type of body art meaning your children are safe in her hands. You are welcome to book the belly dance party with or without glitter tattoos.  *Tara may bring a female assistant for parties with glitter tattoos. 

School Workshops 
Tara has exprience teaching children dance and basic Egyptian music theory at school. 
The workshop's can include Authenic or oriental (belly dance) style Egyptian dance, North African dance or Turkish dance with or without props. Theatrical fusion with mythological themes. Music theory is Egyptian drum rhythms Turkish zills (finger cymbals) and Egyptian sagat (finger cymbals) and ussually accompanies the dance.  Workshops can run from 20 - 60 minutes and be booked as a stand alone workshop or as several sessions for half day or full day bookings. Props and alternative themes available upon request. 

Culture Arts And Historic Reenactment Events
Tara has experience attending performing and teaching within museums and reenactment cultural and events. She is able to put together a respectful historically or culturally accurate show to complement such events. 

Summer Carnivals Festivals Parades And Village Fetes 
Tara and her group of dancers are able to attend 
events in dramatic 

Charity /Nursing Home / Community Events
Tara is available to perform and teach group lessons. She is able to bring her group of dancers also.
 *Tara offers four free or discounted charitable performance / workshop slots per year. If you would like to request a charitable or discounted booking at your event contact with details. *Only registered charities / organisations. 

Wedding / Health / Wellbeing / Mind Body and Spirit Events / Festive Markets / 
Tara is able to attend such events for promotion performance or teaching bookings. 

Corporate Workshops and Retreats 
Belly dancing workshops are a great way to help people to bond learn destress uplift relax and is an all round holistic wellbeing exercise. 

Womens Groups Taster Show 
Tara offers a show that incorporates artistic performances a fun dance lesson and a presentation talk to bring about awareness of the dance history and culture and the benefits of belly dancing for Women. 

Theatre TV And Media or Tailored Shows Available upon request.

Restaurants / Night Clubs /  Promotional Events
Tara may be available to attend and perform at this type of event upon request. *RESTAURANT BOOKINGS TERMS & CONDITIONS - Taras professional shows are of a high standard with performance being the main highlight and include some participation towards the end of each set. If you are a venue that prefers to focus on participation only please hire another dancer. - A private safe clean changing room is required. An introduction of the show / dancer is required. A booking contract is required for X amount of bookings - A verbal agreement is not suitable. Payment to be received before the show. From £120 per hour booking slot including waiting time inbetween sets. Discount may be given for continuous bookings. Tara does not perform sets over twenty minutes and she does not dance for groups of Men. 

How To Book And Other Information 
⭐Contact with your name contact details and info on your event
⭐A booking form will be sent to you for you to fill out sign and send back by email or in the post as soon as possible. Your booking can not be confirmed until the form is received. 
⭐A small non refundable deposit of £25 may be payable for bookings out of the immediate Wirral area. This can be paid by PayPal bank transfer or in the post with a cheque or postal order. 
⭐The balance can be paid by cash on the night of the event before the performance OR in advance by bank transfer or in the post by cheque or postal order. 
⭐Invoices and receipts provided
⭐Images for flyers or other advertising materials available upon request 
⭐Contact details given upon booking confirmation
⭐If you have any other questions email tarasdanceinfo@gmail.com 

Email - tarasdanceinfo@gmail.com