Hello, Welcome to my website! 
I'm Tara a professional belly dancer and teacher based in Merseyside. I run weekly classes workshops and specialised courses in Hoylake Wirral and Liverpool City Centre for Women of all ages and dance abilities including pregnant and postnatal ladies. I have relevent experience insurance and hold professional qualifications in dance fitness makeup artistry beauty and teaching. For the past ten years I have performed at many restaurants private functions hen parties and public events as a solo performer and as part of several dance troupes. The styles of dance that I perform and teach include modern and traditional  Egyptian Turkish North African Americanised cabaret and Theatrical fusion belly dance. 

My style of teaching - 
I am a professional member of Foundation For Community Dance. 
I teach from a community dance perspective that encourages everyone no matter age body type or ability to dance for the holistic benefits. Holistic focuses not only on the body but also on the mind and spirit as a whole. My classes include dance technique first off and include fun social aspects and fitness. They are beneficial for anyone who wants to experience learning how to dance with having a good time and getting a good full body moderate intensity  work out. There are many opportunities for those who wish to attend non serious dance socials as well as performance opportunities for those who have an interest in performing the art of belly dance at any level however my classes are held in a non competitive safe space with ground rules and an all inclusive environment. Everyone is welcome! 

In 2018 I took my fabulous student troupe on the road to several community events to showcase our show part of Tara's Dance Arts"belly dance for everyone" which featured belly dance students of all ages and walks of life. The group include dance students who have learning difficulties disabilities pregnant ladies and the over 70s. Our public audiences enjoyed our shows and we had great feed back and many more invites to other summer events not to mention lots of new students attend classes. 

Full Biography -
Tara is a professional belly dancer and teacher based in Merseyside. She comes from a family of mucisians artists and dancers. In her teens she studied performing arts dance and theatre and later fashion & photographic makeup. She gained experience as a stage hand with local theatre groups as well as becoming a professional makeup artist. Tara started studying the art of belly dance with a local dance school in 2005 where she gained lots of experience as a ameteur student semi professional and paid professional. In 2011 she began to gain performance bookings off her own merit where she got exposure and many opportunities. Eventually she was offered a teaching position within a local dance centre and with Women's aid where she gained valuable experience. In 2012 she started running weekly classes which have proven to be successful and she still runs today. Tara has been involved in theatre and artistic direction as well as choreography performance makeup and workshop facilitation.

Teaching Style -
Tara teaches from a community dance perspective that is holistic and encourages everyone to be involved in physical movement. This makes her class a safe space with ground rules that is inclusive and friendly. She creates opportunities to learn at a Higher level at her workshops.  She also creates opportunities for everyone to express themselves create participate artistically perform (if they want to) and attend fun social events. She has recently organised small haflas. She believes belly dancing is an art form a social dance and a great for of exercise for all Women. It's suitable for all abilities deiending in what the learner wants to learn and why.

Style of Belly Dance Performed and Taught-
Tara started out in a cabaret / goddess belly Dance Class - no formal cultural style / mixed styles) which she loved. She went onto to study Turkish style in Turkey then Egyptian style with Dina, Kay Taylor, Susie White (Meroe), katerina Shareen, Maya Gaaory. She also has been in a variety of professional dance troupes performing oriental style Egyptian and Cabaret at weddings parties and events. A notable troupe she was in recently is Ya Raqs folkloric troupe where she gained experience performing for the public in formal settings such as Museums and reenactment events.

Teaching Styles - Tara teaches traditional  Egyptian Turkish folkloric cabaret oriental folkloric and theatrical fusion styles individually and teaches her students the differences between the styles.
Techniques improvisation and choreography are also taught along with elaborate and cultural props and musical instruments.

Performance Troups -
Tara has been the artistic director of her student groups Belly Queen, Goddess Belly Dancer's and Bellyesque. All her troupes are ameture and for fun however belly wuen and goddess belly dancers attend fun friendly private belly dance events / haflas whereas Bellyesque are the polished version who attend public events representing Tara's class as well as haflasbsnd belly Dance events.

  In the summer of 2018 Tara dance arts troupe took their show "belly dancing for everyone" to various community fetes festivals and events and proved to be a hit with the general public. The shows features dancers of all body types ages and backgrounds. The style of belly dance performed and taught includes Egyptian Turkish North African Theatrical cabaret and Americanised.

Taras Mini Haflas / Student Shows -
Tara had organised small performance hafla events for her students that featured a small variety of belly dance acts of different levels and teachings including students beginner tribal fusion, Oriental intermediate and professional. Tara has been asked to organise more and is in the middle of doing so.