Learn Belly Dance


Womans circles have existed in the cultures of Egypt North Africa and parts of the Middle East for a long time. Dancing within these circles is expected and dance is performed for many celebrations and even in preparation for child birth and as a form of therapeutic movement. Men and Women do not dance together and this has been the norm since ancient times and in modern times, Women are depicted Dancing together in pyramid art and Women come together and dance for each other in this day and age, Women also came together in the form of a red tent where women stayed through menstruation this is mentioned in the bible.

 Tara belly dance holds weekly and monthly women's circles where safe and thorough authentic raqs sharqui (Egyptian belly dance) oriental dance (belly dance) Folkloric dance (traditional dances) and theatrical fusions are covered as it would be at any other good dance class however our Women's circles are more meaningful where everyone is welcomed appreciated and encouraged to shine and be part of a transparent community where everyone matters.

The circles are not drop in type sessions where any body can walk in and out of there are a small number of spaces available every six weeks but they fill up quick and mostly accommodated by long time members. You are invited to register your interest for a space that becomes available. All Women who have an honest interest to learn dance share encourage and grow as part of the circle, respect others including the space holder and honour the space are welcome. The circles are held in six week courses of 1.5 hour per week £65.  Our Circles are held in Liverpool city centre and on the Wirral

Belly Circles Dance - Monday evenings 7pm weekly Liverpool
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Lotus Womans Circle - Friday Afternoons 12.30pm weekly Wirral 
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Linda's Intermediate Choreography Circle fortnightly - Register an interest here 》

Dancing Flame Womens Circle - Tuesday Evenings 7pm Monthly Wirral 
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Monthly Circle Wirral
Zahara Dance Circle - Performers & Intermediate circle for stage craft and choreography - Encouraging unique talent creativity and skilled dancers and performers in Merseyside 
2hr £30 - Register an interest here 》