Dancing In Nature - Holistic Belly Dance


As you probably already know nature is a healer, I don't know about you but I belive being out in the country side, on a beach or in the woods uplifts and relaxes me and I go home feeling rejuvenated. This summer I started sharing dance, practicing yoga and yoga nidra with a private group of ladies whom I have known for years. Some have suffered with trauma  depression or anxiety and grief, one if our friends described the feeling when taking her shoes off in the woods local to where she lives and she just walks bare foot, She described how it grounded her and lifted her mood and soothed her anxieties whilst another bathes in the freezing cold sea and explained that when she doesnt do it she falls back into old habits that triggers her anxiety. Many of is have been honoured to take part in local beach yoga.  I related to my friends group after my Dad passed away May 2021 at my home where I had cared for him, He had suffered lung cancer and surrenderd like a warrior to it without treatment. He was very brave and it was one of the most peaceful experiences I have ever witness. Afterwards I would walk walk and walk some more. I would put my babies in their pram and walk up and down the prom near to where I live. I would walk for hours and hours to connecting with the river / sea whilst gathering my thoughts and emotions and to connect with nature stopping off so my kids could eat or play on the beach at the park or walk on fields and it was really therapeutic and it got me through grief. So taking inspiration from some of the lovely beach yoga teachers (credit where credit is due) it was only natural to want to belly dance in nature. It was a lovely experience to have the sun on our skin fresh air in our lungs and sand mud or grass in-between our toes grounding through the earth and connecting with the elements. Our small has started to grow by word of mouth and now it has become a regular therapeutic group. Next spring we will be meeting up again to practice gentle belly dance in nature and what is more is it is free and everyone who attends is welcome to contribute.  In the mean time throughout the winter we will be lighting and warming up the dark cold nights by practicing belly dance at class in candle light. This is more of a formal class that I teach. Belly dance can be a therapeutic  holistic activity no matter where or how you practice it and when teamed with nature or by connecting with the elements such as fire it makes it all the more therapeutic relaxing and magical.