How To Do Belly Dance Snake Arms Undulations


Video tutorial is at the bottom of this page - 
Arm undulations also known as snake arms is a staple movement within belly dance. It usually one of the beginners moves one may learn at a belly dancing class depending on the style of belly dance that is taught. It is a great work out for the arms parts of the chest and the upper back. You can make them really slow and big so they frame the top half of your body, this style is seen in Turkish dance but may cross over into other genre's. You can center the arms and make the movements smaller and faster so they undulate and become fluid this style of snake arms is seen in many styles of belly dancing. So if this is a move that you always wanted to learn here goes...
1- To begin stand in good posture and focus on one arm at a time.
2- With the back of the hand down and the palm of the hand facing in start to lift your arm up and out at the side of the body all the way to the top of your head. 
3- Change the hand position so that the palm is now facing our whilst drawing the hand down the body. 
4- repeat back of the hand comes up with the arm and the palm of the hand goes down. Repeat.
5 - Repeat the same movements on the opposite arm. 
6 - Now alternate arms as one goes up the other comes down. Be mindful of the hand positioning.
7- Now center the arms so them are aligned with the chest. 
8- Keep the hand movements going whilst working the arms making the movement smaller and faster but still soft and fluid, in control of the muscles.
9- Try different variations of the move.
10 - Tips 
- Don't forget to warm you  before working out and don't forget to stretch and cool down the arms afterwards.
- Stay in good posture 

- practice 
- Imagine your arms are moving through water to create grace.
- Think about bodylines 
- use your fingers to create energy in your arms.
Here is a video for you to follow.