How To Dance With a Veil Online Workshop

How to dance with a veil online workshop with Tara. In this pre recorded workshop you will learn a choreographed veil dance, all you need is enough space to dance and a veil. This is a free workshop and the song us an Arabic pop version of habibi ya eini. I do not own the copyright to the music and it is used for educational reasons. It is a free workshop but donate here if you would like to support my work- disclaimer only take part if you are fit and well enough or you have had advice / permission from a medical professional.  Ensure that you wear correct clothing and footwear suitable for dance / exercise and drink water throughout.  Tara Belly Dance cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage or any thing else that could arise from taking part. Although this workshops prerecorded videos are great step by step follow along they do not substitute the viewer/ student attending in person live classes with a teacher who can guide and correct you so you are dancing safely. You do not have permission to participate in this workshop unless you agree to the disclaimer upon taking part you automatically agree with this disclaimer. Ask and get permission by email before performing this choreography in person,  public or online. 

Video 1 - First half step by step guide without music


Video 2 - First half practiced with Music

Video 3 - Second Half Part Step by step explanation without music

Video 4 - Veil tricky part explained in more detail without music 

Video 5 - Second half practiced with music