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Bellydance Arts & Fitness Classes Courses & Workshops in Merseyside Contact us / book private lessons Wirral Belly Dancing  Classes 2023/2024  Our Wallasey and Hoylake belly dancing classes  have merged into one very small privately ran group of advanced students / ameture performers. J anuary 2023 was the last intake of new / beginner students.   You are welcome to register an interest in the group and put your self forward and we will contact you if a place becomes available or if the classes open back up publically to mixed ability students. Any new / future classes / courses will be published on this page feel free to check back from time to time to see if it is updated.  Liverpool City Centre Belly Dance at Whisc / Elliot Clark  This class is not running anymore since 2019. They may run again in the future. Old Information  Thanks for visiting my website  after ten years of holding classes in Liverpool city centre Hoylake and Wallasey,  January 2023 was my last intake of n

Hot Pink and Rhinestones Manicure and Pedicure


There's nothing I like more than soaking my feet in front of the TV drinking a sweet cuppa tea and doing my nails. The weather's been so miserable lately and I needed a little colour and glamour in my life again (life's boring when there's no colour or sparkle 😁) so I cracked open my new hot pink glossy nail polish. Okay I thought pink is great on its own but I needed something more so I rooted through my drawer that houses sequins glitter swarofski crystals and all that sparkles. Of course my cute little Rhinestones that I love to apply to my nails where the best option for the job. Anyway without digressing I just had to share this tutorial with you all to lift them grey rain clouds and brighten up your world in the same way I Brighton up mine on gloomy days.  Enjoy!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…

1- Have you bits and bobs ready for the job !!!
 * Apply with an empty bladder or wear loose easy to remove clothing in the case you need to use the loo, you don't want to ruin your nails. Also have flip flops close by
*Nail polish Remover
*Buffer block & File
*Nail cutters
*Metal Nail tool (to pick up Rhinestones) or cuticle  / orange stick
*Cotton buds (to remove mistakes)
*Blue tack on end of cuticle stick or nail tool (to apply gems)
 *Hot pink nail polish (cerise pink) Shiny or gel inspired
*Base coat
* shiny top coat ( I use one that does both... Sally Hansens double duty.

 *Cotton pads or balls or cotton wool
*Nail Glue

* Rhinestones ( I get mine off eBay thousands for a couple of quid. See image below for info on seller. Here I've placed them into a small round container. Put blue tack on the end of a cuticle/ orange stick to pick up the gems to apply to the nail. 

STEP 1 - Prep your nails
* Remove any old polish
* Massage a little olive, coconut or even cooking oil into you cuticles
*Exfoliate your hands with a scrub or sugar / Salt under a warm tap
*Push cuticles back
*Rinse hands
*Dry hands and but rub the towel over your nail plate and cuticle to remove old skin
*Cut and shapes your nails
* Buff them to remove any ridges or uneven surfaces
*Rub a cotton pads with polish remover over your nails to remove any dust and oil

* Start on one side
*Base coat first
*Then x2 coats of hot pink polish
*Pain nail in 3 strokes cuticle to tip, centre side then side
* Dip cotton bud into nail polish remover to clean up mistakes
* Allow a minute or so between coats to set
*Try to work quickly
*Keep first coat thin
*You add a slightly thicker second coat
*Add a final layer of a shiny top coat
* Allow a couple of minutes to set
* NEVER ...Blow your nails or wave your hands around.... It won't help dry them quicker and will only cause air bubbles and uneven surface
*Don't rush off to make drink inbetween coatsπŸ‘Ž
* If your desperate for the loo be very careful pulling your garments down 😡
* Don't put shoes or slippers on your feet at least and hour after full application.... Flip flops are okay though πŸ‘£

TRICKY PART .... The Rhinestones

*Take your metal Nail tool
*Place alot of Rhinestones onto a tissue ensuring the shiny rounded part is facing up
*put blue tack on the end of your nail tool cuticle stick. Use this to pick up and appy gems or...
 *Pour some polish remover into the lid of the bottle it comes in
*Have your glue ready


*Paint a line of glue across top of nail close to cuticle
*Take nail tool and dip it into the polish lid to wet the tool quickly tap into a Rhinestones to pick up and place it on the glue close to the cuticle at the side. 

* Continue the method until you have a line right across each nail

*Remember to glue and decorate one nail at a time do the glue first dry.

*Get creative!!! Nails look great if they have a symmetrical design where both hands match but asymmetrical designs are even more interesting to the eye.

Add a very shiny top coat. Ensure you work it into and onto the Rhinestones but stick to the polish rules mention above

LAST BUT NOT LEAST..... Most important step!!!
Let your nails dry... You have 4 costs of polish in total plus glue and heavy Rhinestones that need to set and settle in. If you get up to make a drink or fiddle with paper work or your phone you will ruin the art work plus you would have wasted your time. I'm talking an hour of sitting down being very careful. Not to even knock your nails on anything.
Have you partner make you a drink while you enjoy the weight off your feet. You deserve it!!!