Seated Chair Belly Dance - Simple Hand Movement

Did you know that belly dance can be practiced by everybody? Even if you prefer a gentle style of dance or you have low mobility or a health condition that affects you belly dancing can be open to you. You just have to think outside of the box. As I have. So you may have heard of chair exercise, You may have heard of chair yoga but have you heard of chair belly dancing ? Well you may have an idea about what a chair dance is, often we think of chair dance like Burlesque or sexxy dance and there's nothing wrong with sexxy chair dance but seated belly dance the way that I teach it is artistic however when performing you be as sexxy or artistic as you like. However my chair belly dance lessons are focused on learning simple moves that are accessible for everyone. All you need is a chair and some optional cushions. If your back feels stable and you have good core strength and healthy posture you can sit on a stool or on the floor in a cross legged posture. If you have a wheel chair this dance is beneficial for you. Remember when practicing to follow the advice and take responsibility for your own wellbeing, go at your own pace and stop if you need to. Enjoy. 

Over the next few sessions I will be adding more lessons like this. Seated Belly Dance With Tara

Lesson one - Simple Arms Movement