Belly Dance Workshops 
 I have facilitated workshops specialising in belly dance privately, At schools, Coffee mornings, Women's groups & organisations, Arts & culture festivals, Village fetes, Community events and corporate days. I have taught a diverse range of people from all back grounds. Many of the workshops are suitable for Women Children and men. I am happy to attend most events wether privately or publically to teach belly dancing. So if you would like to sponser a workshop for your event or group you can contact me by email

Workshop Examples

Introduction To Belly Dance
The introduction to belly dance workshop is suitable for everyone. It's a good start for people who have never tried dance before let alone belly dance. The workshop has authentic music and dance moves specific to the style taught. As well as a little information about belly dancing with its rich culture and history. A demonstration may be presented before the tuition goes ahead if this is required by the organiser. An easy to follow fun upbest and uplifting choreographed dance routine is added so everyone feels like they are dancing. 

Introduction To Dancing With Silk Veils
This workshop focuses on the beautiful art of veil belly dancing working with silk. Silk is light and moves beautifully through the air adding grace and magic to a performance. Veil dancing is an art on its own and this workshop gets to grips with all of the basics. A gorgeous choreographed group dance routine can be added if required by the organiser.

Introduction To Creative / Sacred Theatrical Belly Dance
This workshop focuses on connecting groups and building a character and story through belly dance and theatre arts. Creating a character or Taking a character frozen in time and bringing him or her to life to tell a story. The theme of each character is relevent to the dance style taught.  The group is split into multiple groups to work together to create a moving art piece to be informally performed Infront of other participants. Suitable for those who enjoy creating stories, Art & choreography. Suitable for those who want to learn how to create a storey and those who wish to connect with people through creating art. 

Introduction To Cane Dancing 
Cane dancing is also known as raqs Al Assaya, Egyptian stick dance or saidi cane dancing. Originally the dance was inspired by the Egyptian male martial arts where the men use stick or canes also known as Tahtib in a form of combat. The martial art is still practiced today however has been said to have bren practiced back in ancient Egypt. Egyptian female dancers used the martial art as inspiration and as a form of friendly mocker towards the men but in a feminine way and still do today. The workshop covers the female and madculine form of Egyptian cane dancing technique and tricks. A simple choreographed group dance routine can be taught at this workshop also.
* Cane craft can be added if several workshops are required throughout the day.  (Cane decorating)

Learn A Dance Routine Workshop
A full dance choreographed dance routine is taught in a style chosen by the organiser. Suitable for groups or performers that have attended the introduction to belly dance workshop or have learned belly dance elsewhere. 

£100 upto 2 hours (one off workshop)
£50 per session (several weekly hour workshops) 
*I am unable to volunteer my services for free to organisations who have funding for events entertainment or waged staff. 
If you have ideas questions or would like to tailor your workshop to your needs contact me by email -

When learning and dancing with props space is needed so make sure your space is suitable

Travel fee charge if out if the immediate area