and obviously it didn't work 😜😂🌞💃 

I believe what you say is powerful and what you write is powerful there is energy in what we think write and say about ourselves and others therefore I have chosen not to share my story. I'd rather tell you that the after affect was profoundly positive because it weeded out the weak guys who where easily influenced. I prefer to work with others who are critical thinkers who question information given and those who don't get involved in drama. People who choose to give the benefit of the doubt and go with their intuitive truth. 

The energy that is sent out regardless of what that energy is, it always belongs to the person who puts it out in the first place. It ricochets back to the owner. 

My point is to those seeking advice is continue to rise believe in yourself  gather information if you must but don't bother yourself with energy unless it's good energy.  Black balling does not work the way that it did in say... the 90s. In the age of the internet we have platforms to grow on and we gain supporters fairly. Those who see us witness our work, They like what we do, connect with our energy and support us before any influential spell can be cast. That's fair and the way it should be. Where competition is concerned I believe competition has no place in art yet some people want to get rid of competition so they can have it all. That's not fair and not really competition. We can all be the star of our own show but who in the right mind would want to be? The best shows I have seen include many amazing dancers all artistically unique. 

Last but not least my biggest advice that I can give you is if there aren't any opportunities create your own! Get creative think outside the box and believe in yourself.

Good luck! 🙏🌞💃