Liverpool Belly Dance Classes

  Community Bellydance Arts 

 A Course of Ten Belly Dancing Classes in Liverpool

 Prepare To Prop! 

12 week course starting 7pm on Wednesday 12th September 2018 at Elliott Clarke Performing Arts College Old Haymarket Liverpool City Centre L1-6ER

Suitability - All ages, Genders,  Dance / fitness abilities welcome.

Number of spaces - 12
Sign up - email
Enrol - 12th Sept (attend the taster session on the date £5)
Certificate upon completion - Introduction
(Introduction Prepare to prop!)

About The Course
This is a dance focused course designed to encourage people from all walks of life to participate in dance. Over the twelve week period Tara will teach her format of belly dance technique along with an introduction to a popular belly dance prop. Then a choreographed dance routine will be taught with the prop. Artistic expression, Improvisation and creativity is expolored as part of the course so the student can build upon the choreography taught to add to it and change it to make it their own and are welcome to perform the choreography when it suits once the course is completed. Students are invited to attend an introduction taster class before signing up. Along with learning how to belly dance there are many 
proven health and fitness benefits so attending will also give is great form of low impact moderate intensity cardio flexibility and resistance workout. The objective of this particular course is to teach the benefits of dance and to teach those who think they can't dance to walk in at the beginning of the course and dance out by the end. We end the course with a mini belly dance party / social get together. 
*Optional - there are performance opportunities for those who want to get involved.

The teaching concept and environment is based around community dance. The dance style and technique is that of oriental dance (belly dance) with a touch of theatrical flair.

To find out more about community dance here (click text)

£60 for the full course (12 classes)
£50 Early Bird Offer -  Offer available untill August 1st (full course 12 classes)
£5 taster session (on 12th September) 

What to wear - 
Dance yoga fitness gym clothing or leggings and a top.
Traditionally it is acceptable and authentic to dance bare foot however flat soft ballet jazz highland belly dance shoes, yoga socks or foot thongs are fine to wear at class - no trainers unless medically fitted. Coin hip belts and props provided for all to wear and return at class. 

Venue-  Great care has been taken to select suitable appropriate well kept venues rooms studios and halls that follow health and safety procedures and are of a high standard. All venues hired by Tara have suitable dance flooring, Lighting and ventilation. There is drinking water at each venue as well as waiting areas, Toilets, Changing rooms / areas. Staff are present and venues are safe

Disclaimer If you have a medical problem or an issue you are unsure could be negatively effected by taking part in Live or recorded  physical exercise/activity please seek medical advice from your GP or other medical professional. The same advice is given for pregnant women. Please seek medical advice before participating in the belly dance classes workshops lessons or courses. If you GP or medical professional advises you not to take part then follow the advice given and do not come to class.


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