January - December 2017 Scheduled

Learn More Workshops
These workshops are suitable for Belly Dance students who take part in class on a regular basis but want to learn a dance routine and more. Please note there are many opportunities but priority will be given to those who are members of the class or regular workshop & rehearsal attendee's.              

February 2017
Sunday time\date\venue TBC
A spell binding workshop choreography created in preparation for low key \kaudback friendly performance invitations. Performed to a popular song with an eastern twist which you may have heard before however you have never seen a belly dance choreography performed to this song as good as authentic or as spooky as this. Costuming is provided \  borrowed for performance but must be looked after and returned. Video and notes prepared. In order to perform please practice and try to attend rehearsals. Please book your workshop 2-3 hours on a Sunday at the End of February 2017 cost £10. Bring water snacks or fruit to share. Upto 5 - 10 spaces (3 spaces are reserved)

An introduction to Belly dancing 
Levels - open to all
A fun Workshops for All. Learn fun moves, Steps and a veil. 
£5Adult £3 girl 5+
1hr TBC. Register your interest.

The Lotus & The Butterfly 
Date - TBC
Time -12.30pm - 2.30pm
Price £12
Venue - Liverpool City centre TBC
About- Beautiful Fusion Belly dancing Choreography with slight elements of Indian themed dance. 
Prop- Silk veil (£20 each or ask to borrow one)

Date TBC
Time -10am -12 30pm
Price £12
Venue - Liverpool City centre TBC
About- If history Myths Legends and ideas about ancient warrior Women in sword battle takes your fancy this Belly Dance fantasy fusion workshop is right up your street. We take a brief look at the Amazon in history and in myth and discover how this archetype can empower us. A Choreography will be taught. 

Showgirl Chorusline
Love them old movies, where the girls perform in a line looking amazing and performing with class entertainment and real talent? Unleash your inner Maz Monroe, Josey Baker or 1920-1950s show girl of your choice or better still just be you! This isn't Burlesque. This is a classy number for ladies who like an infusion of classy belly dance,P infused with Charleston or dance moves from the Harlem Renaissance (don't know what that is? Here's a link to an interesting article

As dancers it's always important to research and learn history and culture. It's always good to know where dance we learn and perform oiginated.

Bring a cane and a feather bustle if you have one (make one 😀) a feather boa will do fine.

Gypsy Fire Flys.
Part one - choreography
Pulling from Roma Dance of Turkey, Turkish Belly Dance and dance from the Balkans this is a sassy but achievable Dance choreography with percussive accents, Hair tossing, Classy floor work. Zills can be added at a later date. Try to bring a gypsy skirt.
Part 2 - Layering Zill work over the choreography

The Cleopatra's Belly Dance Routine
Cabatret Egyptian \ Orientale choreography with huge shiny Wings (for sale £10-£15 or ask to reserve a pair to borrow) 
This choreography can be adapted and performed without the wings. Get ready to channel your inner Liz Taylor. 

Cairo Cats 
Upbeat technical drum solo with lots of rythmic shimmies and hip accents.