How To Do Belly Dance Lotus Hands

See the tutorial video at the end of this post. 

Belly dancers do lots of arm and hand movements within the dance and today I am going to teach you one move that looks hard to do but it is actually quite simple and a bit of an optical illusion. Lotus hands are a beautiful movement we can do and you see this move used alot in Turkish dance. 

Step 1 - 
To begin stand in good posture with the arms held out in front of you, place the hands together wrists touching.

It is important to make sure that the hands are connected at the wrist area at all times when practicing lotus hands. 

Step 2 - 
Place Right hand down by bending at the wrist, the hand should be down and facing inward towards you.

The other (left) hand should be placed up by bending at the wrist so the hand is up and facing outward.  Both hands do the opposite at the same time.

Step 3 - Bring both the hands down at an angle both facing in.  

Step 4 - Place Left hand down and the right hand up (similar to step 2 using opposite hands) 

Step 5 - Bring both hands up at an angle as if to hold a lotus flower.

6 - Repeat steps 2-5 slowly until you get the hang of it.

7-  Once the movements get easier and you have memorised the alternating movements start to roll the hands around the wrists making the move more fluid.

8 - Play with your fingers... Keep the fingers straight (but soft)  and closed for a neat / clean look or stretch the fingers out slightly for more of a graceful attractive look. 

9 - Lift the arms above the head and push them back slightly being careful to be mindful of your posture and dancers body lines. Do this whilst practicing lotus hands.

10 - Now try moving other parts of your body. Practice things like figure of eights and hip circles or anything else you want to try.  

I hope you enjoyed this blog please find the video below with narrated instructions.