Saidi Cane Belly Dance Online Course

Saidi Cane Technique And Choreography Online Course

The course is designed for people with some experience learning how to belly dance but want a challenge and to take their dancing to the next level.

On this course you will brush up your dancing skills learn how to use a dance prop / Egyptian cane. You will learn some history and culture of the dance along with a full choreographed dance routine. The course is an eight lesson series course of videos complete with notes. It is advisable to follow the course week by week to get the most out of it and to give you time to practice inbetween. The week after the course has finished you are welcome to submit video footage of you performing the dance routine to get feedback and advice. If you are part of my dance class group there will be opportunities to perform the routine at class in the group and at events this is of course optional.

Here is an example / demonstration of a Saidi style cane belly dance routine I have taught. *This is not the routine you will be learning or the track we will be using.

Lesson 1 - 4
Brush up on your moves
Learn Saidi drum rhythm
Notes & video recourses

Lesson 5 & 6
Introduction to cane technique with belly Dance moves

Lesson 7 & 8
Learn the step by step choreographed dance routine

Additional - Submit your videos when you have mastered the routine for feedback.

*Once you sign up to the course it will be available for you to go back to for 16 weeks.

*You are welcome to perform the routine at your local hafla or restaurant gig. However there are rules around video footage and copyright so please ask permission first.

Price - £50
You can use the PayPal link below or contact me for bank transfer or postal order payment methods

Level - You must have some experience learning how to belly dance with a teacher at a live class. Not just a few lessons! Improvers Intermediate and higher levels.

Here's are two videos. One of a live Saidi Cane performance. It was performed at The Liverpool World Museum in 2017.
The other is video resource footage of a routine created for class back in 2015. *Note the routines in the videos are not the routine you will be learning on this course. I create new choreographies regularly for my students so they do not get bored or stagnate in their improvements.

Course written and is the Copyright Tara Maxwell 2020.