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High standard authentic and ethical belly dance school on the Wirral - Established 2012

Belly Dance Classes

Bellydance Arts & Fitness Classes Courses & Workshops in Merseyside Contact us / book private lessons Wirral Belly Dancing  Classes 2023/2024  Our Wallasey and Hoylake belly dancing classes  have merged into one very small privately ran group of advanced students / ameture performers. J anuary 2023 was the last intake of new / beginner students.   You are welcome to register an interest in the group and put your self forward and we will contact you if a place becomes available or if the classes open back up publically to mixed ability students. Any new / future classes / courses will be published on this page feel free to check back from time to time to see if it is updated.  Liverpool City Centre Belly Dance at Whisc / Elliot Clark  This class is not running anymore since 2019. They may run again in the future. Old Information  Thanks for visiting my website  after ten years of holding classes in Liverpool city centre Hoylake and Wallasey,  January 2023 was my last intake of n

News & Updates!


April 2020 
Online Dance Sessions 
With Covid 19 uncertainty and everyone being locked down I have created a safe space in the form of a private Facebook group where I post full dance classes that I have recorded in my home. On occasion the sessions may be live. I also post fun activities. The sessions started out free to my students but they are now free to everyone who want to be actively involved and has a genuine Facebook account.  The sessions are arts and fitness based. One series suitable for everyone if all ages and abilities. The other series is for pregnant ladies or those with low mobility. Free to all on Facebook. 

 10 Week Course - onlinE

A course of ten one hour online sessions that starts with a series of fundamental movements and steps ending in you learning a full beginners dance routine. 

The course focuses on learning a classic prop of your choice routine over ten classes. 
Veil * Sword * Wings * Zills * Tray * Candles * Cane and more. 

Are you a student who wants to go semi - professional? Would you like to learn how to perform for a restaurant audience or how to perform at a party? I can teach you how to perform a fifteen minute set with dance choreography improvisation and entertainment. Performing belly dance as a paid job isn't only about your dance skills or looks. Many have tried and failed by focusing only on the two aspects there's much more to being a professional belly dancer and unfortunately not all teachers have the experience of performing gigging at various live settings or being paid as full time dancer. Other teachers may not be humble enough to want to teach their students on going pro or becoming a teacher because they see students as competition. I have eight years of experience working as a professional belly dancer in many settings and don't leave the house for less than £100 per set. You can to

Have you trained for years and now want to start running your own classes but not sure where to start? 

March 2020
- International Women's day at Whisc. It was lovely to be asked to host a belly dancing workshop on 11th March at Whisc. 
- Women's event at the Devonshire House Liverpool
- Weekly classes continue at Hoylake and Whisc in Liverpool. 
 - Veil Choreography Routine Workshop 2 hours
Saturday 28th March 1.30pm. This is designed for existing students if the classes. £10 however students from other classes welcome £15. Great for those who want to learn more and want to challenge themselves. Also great for those who want to see their weeks of hard work come together in the firm of a full dance routine. This also prepared for performance opportunities at haflas and community events we are invited to each year. Suitable for - From beginners with experience learning basic moves and veil technique / higher levels welcome. 

February 2020 
- It was an honour to host a suprise belly dancing session for the Irby Guides this month. All of the girls enjoyed the session and also presented Claire house with a donation they had fundraised. Well done girls! 
- Gentle Flow Belly Dancing For Pregnancy and low mobility sessions. 
With Tara's experience in teaching and performing belly dance throughout pregnancies and csection recoveries and who is pregnant at the moment she has studied antenatal exercise and taught other pregnant Women. With guidance advice and supervision from her midwife friends she has created a safe class especially for pregnant and post natal women that is open to women with lower mobility also. Tara has experience teaching those of low mobility and in recovery who have had the okay from their medical professionals.
Starting 1.15pm Thursday 5th March at Whisc on Bold Street Liverpool city centre. First 4 consecutive classes from the start date are free and then £5 per session after. 

January 2020
A great start to a new year with the weekly drop in classes at The Hoylake community centre restarting. The classes run on Saturday mornings 11.30am and cost £5 per session. There's no need to book you can just turn up when you have time to fit it it. We welcomed existing members of the class and brand new students. These particular classes focus on arts and fitness making them a great dance class where you learn as well as getting in some exercise. Thanks to the NHS and scientific studies for promoting belly dancing for women's health and mental well-being. Belly dancing really is therapeutic. The class are mixed ability classes meaning they are great for beginners improvers and intermediates. All women of all ages welcome! 

December 2019
Happy Christmas & Happy New year & Happy Holidays to everyone! 
This month we had our last meeting of the year. Most of the drum group had got her or himself a drum and it's starting to sound great. We have our first gig organised in Wales for summer 2020 and we have been putting our heads together to agree on a name for our group. There are not many if any authentic Arabic drum groups in Merseyside so it's great to get together and create something for the huge belly dancing community here in Merseyside. Who knows we could be coming to a town near you! 

November 2019
Gentle Flow Belly Dance For Pregnancy Fertility & Healing Course 

Start Date Time and Venue
- Starting Wednesday March 18th
- 1pm
- Wallasey Village United Reformed church Hall
-Full Course £36
-Introduction Taster session £6 
(this session is only available on the start date which is 18th March)
 Booking - Please book the course by email
Payment - You are welcome to pay with cash at class or reserve a space by paying £6 deposit and the rest can be paid on the day. You are welcome to pay for the full course in advance if you prefer. Payments can be made by PayPal.
*It is advisable to reserve a place on the course in advance as space may be limited. 

The Course - 
The course is suitable for those wishing to take part in belly dance whilst taking it easy. Although belly dancing is known to be low impact some of the movements such as shimmies and sharp hip accents can be a contraindication for some students who may be pregnant suffering from certain ailements or those who need rehabilitation from an operation. This course fuses the staple fluid movements of belly dance along with activities and techniques that promote mindfulness relaxation and healing. I have been involved with dance for therapy for many years have danced through many if life's up and downs including two pregnancies gestational diabetes polycystic ovaries syndrome  two cesarian sections and post traumatic stress syndrome from domestic violence.
 I have benefited from being involved in dance. 
 Having helped clients friends and family with issues such as stress depression anxiety low self esteem rehabilitation fertility and other issues this subject is close to my heart. I have witnessed the transformative and healing effects of belly dance as therapy this course is held in a safe space environment and suitable for pregnant ladies over fifteen weeks pregnant and people who are healing. Please ensure you have had permission to participate in dance and / or exercise a medical professional who is in charge of your medical care before taking part in the course and also make sure you feel ready. I am not a medical practitioner however I have taught people who have benefited from participating in my belly dance class many of whom where referred or advised to try belly dancing by medical practitioners. Some of my students have had the following health issues 
Post natal women
Rehabilitation after certain operations / stomach
Post breast cancer
Mental health problems
Digestive problems
Post traumatic stress syndrome
Self esteem and confidence issues
You will be asked to fill our a medical questionnaire before taking part. 

The course runs in 6 week blocks and should be booked. It costs £36 and runs for one hour once a week. Starting in March. Date times will be confirmed soon. 

October 2019
The first drum circle lesson was held this month and it was a success. As well as learning two rhythms (Saidi and ayoub) we also had a drum jam at the end if the lesson where we played ayoub the rhythm that is predominantly played for the Zar a type of trance dance used in various countries of Africa and Middle East for its therapeutic healing benefits. New members are welcome to join the drum circle. We meet the first Monday of the month at 6.30pm in Wallasey. The lesson ends at 8pm and costs £10 paid directly to the drum teacher. Check out the video of one of our class members playing the drum.

WIRRAL BELLY DANCING - Class schedule 2020!
I am pleased to confirm the classes will start again on Saturday January 25th at 11.30am. The class runs for an hour and costs £5 per session. See the online offer below. Suitable for women if all ages
 and dance abilities. Beginner and intermediates welcome. Various styles of modern tradition folkloric cabaret and theatrical fusion dance from Turkey Egypt and other parts of North Africa and the Middle East is taught. Held in a community dance setting that is a safe space that encourages all to be involved in dance. Tara's classes focus on cultural social dance, performance art and fun fitness that is therapeutic and beneficial for women. There are regular social dance events to attend for those who want to as well as performance opportunities for those who are dedicated and put themselves forward. Social and performance is optional. All welcome! No need to book just turn up!

***Early Bird Online Consession Offer! :- 3 consecutive class £10 (terms apply)  click the PayPal link to pay and email with your name and details. You don't have to book your classes but you may prefer to. *see terms.

Gift vouchers available - 3 consecutive class £15 plus £1.50 postage cost.
 not inconjunction with any offers. No refunds on gift vouchers or missed classes.

September 2019
We where invited to give a presentation talk at a local coffee morning. The presentation was about the benefits of belly dance for pregnancy and after birth. Hosted by a local women's circle.

August 2019
After lots of interest and enquiries we are pleased to announce.... Our
new monthly drumming circle in Wirral. A friendly meetup group learning Egyptian & African rhythms. Taught by an authentic professional drum teacher.

July 2019
Tara is having a maternity break!
Classes workshops and performances will resume in January 2020.

June 2019
Tales Of Andalusia Creating Choreography
As Tara is winding down for her maternity leave she has created a dance fusion. With her mother's background in traditional Flamenco dance and her own interest in Andalusia she was inspired to create an authentic  her routine for her
students to go away with and practice. This video was a demonstration of the dance in motion.

May 2019
Whisc Mini Hafla & Workshop!
It was great to see the participants of the Whisc dance belly dance group in Liverpool enjoy this workshop and take part in performance. Looking forward to the next one. Check out our video

April 2019
Antenatal Bellydance 
Tara dance arts introduce new group sessions in antenatal belly dance. Low impact and safely taught by Tara who is pregnant.

March 2019
Liverpool classes at whisc to continue!
Funding has continued therefore the weekly belly dancing classes at whisc will continue until further notice. Classes run every Tuesday at 1.30pm at Whisc on bold street Liverpool. Women's class. 

February 2019
New Veil Choreography Workshop! 
This month a new dance veil choreography was created by Tara for the dance arts group in Wirral. We got our Shakira on! Check out the video!

January 2019 
New year Term!
It's great to be back after a lovely Christmas break. Looking forward to this year's ideas performances and welcoming new participants and existing members of both the Liverpool and Wirral classes. Lots of new things in the pipeline for 2019!

December 2018
Happy Christmas & Happy Newyear to all!
This month our group attended Helens charity Christmas event in Liverpool. We (Tara Brenda Jan Sheryl & Christine) had a great time performing our upbeat Turkish group fan dance with a lively mini solo from Sheryl and a teacher performance from Tara. Check out the videos!

November 2018
Sacred Circle Christmas Choreography!
So Tara got creative and put together a short choreography in sacred Circle dance whilst adding a festive touch within the music and as usual focusing on dance vocabulary from Egypt the middle East and North Africa as usual.
 The group quickly picked it up in less than an hour at class. Although we never got to perform it publically it was great learning all about the origins of both the circle dance and the music and we got to record it for practice. Who knows we may reinvent and perform it in the future. Video! 

October 2018
Wirral Arts Festival - Dancing With Silk Workshop
Once again Tara dance arts has had the honour of working alongside the Wirral Arts Festival. This year Tara held a workshop in dancing with silk (silk veil which is a long piece of see through material) Tara taught her style pulling from the core muscles as well as the arms and using breath in order to be able to dance with a veil gracefully .

September 2018
New Term Of Bellydance & .... Check out the Wirral group and their wing performance!!!
Great to be back after a short but sweet summer break. This month we welcomed new participants and existing members of the class all raring to get back into dancing. This video was from a performance we did at Azizas charity hafla event in Liverpool from the Nile to the Mersey events.

August 2018 
Theatrical Performance Makeup Workshop!
So in preparation for the Wirral groups second performance we thought a makeup tutorial would be beneficial considering the theatrical style of the dance and props. Check out the tutorial video!

July 2018
Helens Fancy Dress Belly Dance Event in Southport!