Women's Groups Circle & Events

Belly dancing is a Women's dance with lots of health and well being benefits. It's a great way to connect with other Women whilst learning a cultural dance form and having some fun. Tara has held belly dancing classes in Merseyside for almost eight years and has worked alongside many Women's charities and organisations teaching belly dance. Having taught bellydance lessons exclusively for Women at Refuge / women's aid, Whisc Liverpool (women's health and information centre Bold Street), WI events (Women's Institute) Girl Guides Tara has the experience to ensure an entertaining experience as well as an educational and cultural experience. Wether it is a 40-60 minute tuition session a performance or a presentation talk or all rolled into one workshop Tara would love to help out.

To book a belly dancing workshop for a women's event contact Tara by email tarasdanceinfo@gmail.com.