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*This website is in the process of being updated therefore some information may be outdated

Belly Dance Classes

Bellydance Arts & Fitness Classes Courses & Workshops in Merseyside Contact us / book private lessons Wirral Belly Dancing  Classes 2023/2024  Our Wallasey and Hoylake belly dancing classes  have merged into one very small privately ran group of advanced students / ameture performers. J anuary 2023 was the last intake of new / beginner students.   You are welcome to register an interest in the group and put your self forward and we will contact you if a place becomes available or if the classes open back up publically to mixed ability students. Any new / future classes / courses will be published on this page feel free to check back from time to time to see if it is updated.  Liverpool City Centre Belly Dance at Whisc / Elliot Clark  This class is not running anymore since 2019. They may run again in the future. Old Information  Thanks for visiting my website  after ten years of holding classes in Liverpool city centre Hoylake and Wallasey,  January 2023 was my last intake of n

Hoylake Belly Dance Class With Tara

The information on this page is outdated please view our learn dance page for information on classes here 》》》

Bellydance For Arts Health & Fitness
Tara Dance Arts - Creating & including since 2013

Time Table -

Saturdays 11am The Parade Community Centre Hoylake .

Tuesdays - 1.30pm WHISC Bold Street Liverpool city centre L1. Facing Tesco. Free class suitable for women of mixed abilities.
Weekly classes start again on 8th January until end of March. Just turn up!

Wednesday's - 7.45pm. Wallasey Group. Address given upon booking. This is a small established friendly group of women of improver to advanced level belly dance students who share an interest in learning higher level technique, Props, Performance (optional) and full choreographed belly dance routines. Performance is optional however there are plenty of opportunities throughout the year. New members are always welcome but are expected to have some experience learning how to belly dance with Tara or elsewhere. Drop in £6.50 new students. £25 membership price @£5 per class in blocks of 5 sessions. This class runs for 60-75 mins. Sorry there are no refunds on missed classes.
Start date Wednesday 6th February 745pm.
Running on a weekly basis. Join at any point but contact with your information. Venue address is given upon booking. You can pay at class with cash or use PayPal if you prefer.

Saturdays - 11am in the rehearsal room of The Hoylake Parade Community Centre. Hoyle road Hoylake Wirral Ch47-3AG.
-Mixed Level - Beginners & Improvers
- Exercise & dance technique based suitable for women of all ages and abilities. We have a follow along dance towards the end of the class. Just turn up. £5 per class. Social days and evenings for those who wish to attend.
Weekly classes start again January 12th 11am. 

Workshops - details coming soon. £6.50 per hour workshop.

Details - The classes and workshops are organised and taught by Tara Maxwell an experienced professional belly dance performer, Makeup artist, Artistic director and teaching facilitator who holds full insurance, dance, fitness, Make artistry first aid and teaching qualifications / certificates and is a professional member of Foundation for community dance. The classes have been featured on TV Radio and printed publications. Tara is employed to teach at the women's charity WHISC in Liverpool city centre and has ran her dance school "Tara Dance Arts" since 2013.
To see public unbiased reviews from real people visit the Facebook page "Tara Dance Arts"

What to wear -
Leggings and a fitted top / t-shirt is fine but be sure your clothing is not to tight or restrictive or to long. Some people wear dance yoga or exercise clothing.
We dance bare foot but flat soft jazz ballet or belly dance style dance shoes are suitable. They must be flat and soft. No trainers in the class please they can be bad for your feet when dancing. If you have been meficalled fitted with special shoes you are welcome to wear them. Please bring socks.
Coin hip belts and scarves are provided along with props for all to borrow. If you have your own feel free to bring them.

Additional Information & Class Rules
Bring a bottle of drinking water.
Do not use the class as an advertising platform.
No abusive behaviour at class.
Mutual respect is expected to be shown towards other students and the teachers.
Leave your problems at the door.
Please pay for your class before leaving
Try to turn up on time. If late please do not disturb the class or teacher. Find a spaces and get involved.
To ensure there are minimul disruptions or digression any discussion and questions can be asked and answered if invited or at the end of the class.

Mixed Level Women's Class - Beginners Improver's & Intermediates welcome
 Every Saturday 11am at Hoylake Parade Community Centre Hoyle road CH47-3AG
(Free car park, Disabled access, Drinking water & toilets, Cafe)
£5 Per Class (cash)

Troupe Rehearsals at 12pm - By invite only. £5

Meet in the rehearsal / theatre room upstairs
No need to book just turn up. You can find class updates on the facebook group or email

About Tara's dance arts classes - These classes are suitable for women of all ages body shapes and dance / fitness levels. Whether you want to attend for exercise, Social or a performance art there is something for everyone.
We are often invited to social belly dance parties (haflas) and shows where we can watch or perform or do both! We have our own private outings and performance (optional). Each class lasts for one hour.

Bellydance For Arts Health & Fitness
  The classes focus on belly dance as an art form, Belly dance for health and belly dance for fitness. When belly dance is taken up as an artistic hobby or professional performance art we focus on authentic dance technique improvisation and choreographic concepts from Egypt Turkey and North Africa in the styles of classic theatrical and folkloric. Belly dancing has many health benefits that have been proven to help Women. A recent Chinese study found that belly dancing highly improved women's bladder health and strength to the point where some women avoided surgery. Belly dancing is female friendly and encourages women of all ages and body types to get involved it doesn't matter if you consider yourself curvy or slim all women are welcome. It may improve confidence self expression creativity and self esteem. Although belly dancing is low impact it can be a safe uplifting cardio flexibility and resistance workout at moderate intensity depending on how it is taught and how the class is planned. The shimmies steps and other heart pumping moves are easy styles of dance cardio but if you where to try some of the easy folkloric styles with lots of steps and upbeat moves you'll soon work up a sweat in no time. Some people think that belly dance as fitness is Jane Fonda in a leotard on steroids but if we observe authentic belly dance from the countries it comes from we witness many styles that can be very upbeat and great for cardio if implemented into a belly dance class appropriately.

What To Wear - Every belly dance class is different but at ours it is important to wear appropriate clothing for your health and safety. Dance yoga or gym clothing with breathable material is great or leggings and a top. It is essential that clothing is not to long or to tight. Most belly dancers and belly dance students dance bare foot however you may prefer to wear dance shoes. Flat ballet style belly dance or jazz shoes that are soft and flexible. Coin hip belts and other props are provided at class for all to wear/use and return.

About Tara -
 Tara is a working professional belly dancer with 12 years of experience as a professional entertainer soloist and folkloric troupe performer. Her classes have been running in various venues of Liverpool and Wirral since 2013. They have been featured in printed publications television and radio. Tara is employed to teach at the local charity WHISC in Liverpool and is the artistic director of her student performance troupe Nefertiti. She has relevant and up to date qualifications / certificates in Dance, Fitness, Makeup Artistry and teaching. She sees herself as a facilitator of community dance. She is fully insured and a professional member of Foundation For Community Dance People Dancing (ffcd) and is Wirral Trading standards assured.

About Nefertiti Dance Group -
Nefertiti started out as a group of women students who attended Taras class. The group is made up of women of different ages experience and disabilities. We have created high standard theatrical belly dance shows and belly dance for everyone performance and workshops.
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