What to Wear At a Belly Dance Class

What to wear at a belly dance class is always a question I get asked and always information I give to new members of my classes. Most instructors and teachers will have their own rules on what their students and members should wear however most beginners classes usually require you to wear the same or similar dance exersise clothing.
Here's what I advise my students and class members to wear at class.

Remember - Clothing should be comfortable, Not restrictive. It should be airy and not too tight.

Leave hair down
A head scarf ( optional)

Top Half
Fitted top
A vest top
Gypsy Top
Cropped (Belly) Top
Belly Dance or Bollywood Top
A choli
A Bolero
A top with see through part on belly

Bottom Half -
Yoga pants
Exersise jogging bottoms
Breathable Harem style pants
Gypsy skirt
Dance pants

A coin hip belt
A tassel hip belt
A nice hip scarf
A hip or Belly chain

Bare feet are perfect for Belly Dance
Ballet shoes
Soft flat belly dance shoes ( swead soles)
Soft flat jazz shoes

Specially fitted shoes ( medical)
A long saidi dress
Breathable Belly Dance wear ( exersise style)
A wig
A sports bra ( for big boobed ladies)

Always remember a Belly Dance Class is an exersise class you should make sure clothing fits well, isn't too tight, too long or restrictive in anyway. Think of what is advisable to wear at the gym. There are all kinds of glam styles of dance and exersise wear on the market.

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