Belly Dance Classes / Course Liverpool and Wirral

 Bellydance Arts & fitness Classes Courses & Workshops 

All levels! All Ages! All Welcome!

Hoylake Wirral - Every Saturday  11am
The Parade community centre Hoyle Road Hoylake Ch47-3AG
£5 per class. Just turn up!

Liverpool City Centre 12 Week Course starting Wednesday 12th September 2018
Old Haymarket Liverpool city centre L1-6ER
£60 full course
Offer!!! £50 full course (available until August 1st)
Try a taster class on 12th September £5

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About The Weekly Bellydance Fitness Classes - 2018
Belly dancing for health and fitness incorporates authentic low impact safe beginner techniques and dance moves that include moderate cardio flexibility and resistance fused together for a fun upbeat dance class style workout. Oriental dance (also known as belly dance) covers a wide spectrum of belly dance styles that includes smooth and seamless Egyptian dance, Sassy and sharp Turkish dance, Relaxed Upbeat and Earthy fun North African dance along with some theatrical fusion. Giving a good overall dance exercise workout. Taught by a working professional belly dance performance artist who holds relevent dance and fitness certificates ensuring safe teaching. The classes run over ten consecutive weeks (10 week block / course) you are welcome to join upto week 3 or try a taster class within this time frame. As a professional dance artist I have been teaching successfully for the past 6 years(see timeline below) and am fully insured to teach. Class tuition is of a high standard with a down to earth instructor. 
 I run other courses & workshops for those who want to learn more. You can check back at a later date to view course and workshop info or contact me via email. 
*Over 18s only unless 5+ & attending with Mum.

LIVERPOOL City Centre 
Elliott Clarke, Liverpool city centre L1-6ER

The Parade Community Centre, Hoylake CH47-3AG

Joining a class - 
Classes may be booked up so contact me first or take a chance and turn up (if class is full you may be turned away - I'd advice booking in advance) 
To book / pay contact me by email or use the contact form by clicking here***** or else contact via Facebook here**** or Twitter here *****
Turn up on the day.

How to pay - 
PayPal In Advance To Hold Space 
Cash At Class (there are 12 spaces -  if the class is full you may be turned away)
Contact for more info.

Everyone is charged the same price! 

Taster class from £4 - first class 
Individual Class £5 - other classes 
(Join / try a class - classes upto week 3
Pay at class with cash)

Offers / Discount 
Bring a friend for free (£5 for 2 people at 1 class - not in conjunction with other offers - join upto week 3)

10 consecutive classes £45

Pay in advance at class or by paypal

Refunds - no refunds on missed classes (come to another venue/ course within the same block to redeem outstanding classes. 

The classes have been running successfully for 6 years. I have experience teaching various belly dance courses classes and workshops in Merseyside  (scroll down to see the timeline)

Past Teaching Time Line

Beginning Teaching - 2012
Charity Pub Class (raising money for my friend who died of breast cancer)
Liverpool Dance Centre 
She Has Many Faces Workshops
Wirral Women's & Children's Aid Refuge 

Year 1- 2013
Shimmy & Shine - Beginners - 6 Courses per year
Belly Circles - Beginners - Improvers - 6 Courses per year
Intro workshop - shimmy & shine beginners technique
Intro workshop - She has many faces workshop 
Learn more workshop - I put a spell on You Choreography
Learn more workshop - Lola feather Boa Choreography
Learn more workshop  - Circle Dance Choreography
Learn more workshop  - fantastic veils technique
Learn more workshop - Zills Zills Zills! Dancing & playing instruments
Learn more workshop - Vagabonds Veil Choreography - intermediate
Learn more workshop - Cabaret Cane Technique, make your own cane.
She Has Many Faces Workshops 
St Austin's International Links days Workshops -
The Priory School Turkish Day - 
Wirral Women's & Children's Aid Refuge -
Media features publications

Year 2- 2014
Contemporary Belly Dance - All Levels - 4 Course per year
Cabaret Belly Dance -All Levels -  4 Course per year
Theatrical Belly Dance - All Levels  - 4 Course per year
Learn more workshop - Theatrical ice Choreography
Learn more workshop  - Celtic Veil Choreography
Learn More Workshop - Turkish Roma Cabaret zills Choreography
She Has Many Faces Workshops 
St Austin's International Links days Workshops -
The Priory School Turkish Day - 
BBC Radio Merseyside Feature 
Media features publications
Liverpool John Moore's Redmond's Media - Interview

Year 3 -2015
 Tara Dance Arts - All Levels  X 9 courses per year
Learn more workshop - A Carry on in Cairo Choreography
Learn more workshop - Isis Wings Choreography
Learn more workshop - Folkloric Cane Choreography
Learn more workshop  - Romantic fan veils Choreography intro
She Has Many Faces Workshops 
The Priory School Turkish Day - 
St Austin's International Links days Workshops - 
Festival of firsts - workshops 
Wirral Older Peoples Parliament 
Media features publications
Ellesmere Summer Fete - drums

Year 4 -2016
I took time out from teaching
Joined a Folkloric, Egyptian & North African 
Dance Troupe called Ya Raqs for a year
We attended many places of arts culture and education Performing & teaching.
I took higher level classes Workshops and lessons with master teachers
She Has Many Faces Workshops 
Wirral Arts Festival  - Workshops for the public 
The World Museum Liverpool 
Roman Tours Chester
Formby Viking Reenactments

Year 5 - 2017
Belly Dancing With Tara x18 courses per year
Intro to belly dance with Tara - Workshops 
Learn more workshop - Cane Choreography / cabaret
Learn more workshop - Veil Choreography
Learn more workshop - Classic oriental Choreography
Learn More Workshop - Relaxed Egyptian Improvisation
Learn more workshop  - The Lotus & The Butterfly Choreography
Free Classes At WHISC in Liverpool 
Featured on made in Liverpool TV
Featured in Media publications
She Has Many Faces Workshops 
Media features publications

Year 6 - 2018 
Bellydance Fitness - Course
Intro to Belly Dancing With Tara - workshop 
Learn More With Tara - Workshop
DVD 1 - Belly Dancing With Tara

2017 Class Course Lesson & Workshop Info!!!

About Courses - Later on in 2017
A fun ten week course of belly dancing classes held in venues in Liverpool city centre, Heswall and Hoylake on the Wirral in Merseyside. Watch the promo video below or πŸ’™Click here to view the class on TV πŸ’™ Once on the page the video is to the top right hand side.

2018 specialised bellydance fitness classes -bookings are preferred. For drop in contact me via email.
* Gift Vouchers Available *
Liverpool City Centre -  Wednesday 10th January 7pm 
Hoylake Wirral - Saturday 13th January 11am

About The Weekly Bellydance Fitness Classes - 2018
Belly dancing for health and fitness incorporates authentic low impact safe beginner techniques and dance moves that include moderate cardio flexibility and resistance fused together for a fun upbeat dance class style workout. Oriental dance (also known as belly dance) covers a wide spectrum of belly dance styles that includes smooth and seamless Egyptian dance, Sassy and sharp Turkish dance, Relaxed Upbeat and Earthy fun North African dance. Giving a good overall dance exercise workout that is authentically taught by a working professional belly dancer.
I run courses & workshops for those who want to learn more. You can check back at a later date to view course and workshop info or contact me via email. 
*Over 18s only. 

How to book - 
contact me by email or use the contact form by clickinghere***** or else contact via Facebook here**** or Twitter here *****

How to pay - 
Cash at class or paypal 
Buy a classes card  ( buy a card of 5 or ten classes and save money) 
Contact for more info.

£6 per individual class

10 classes £45


About the Course -
A fun ten week course of belly dancing classes held in venues in Liverpool city centre, Heswall and Hoylake on the Wirral in Merseyside. Watch the promo video below or πŸ’™Click here to view the class on TV πŸ’™ Once on the page the video is to the top right hand side.


LIVERPOOL City Centre 
Every Wednesday - 7pm Starting 10th January 2018
Elliott Clarke, Liverpool city centre L1-6ER

Every Saturday- 11am starting 13th January 2018
The Parade Community Centre, Hoylake CH47-3AG

£5 taster or £45 full course (£4.50 per pre booked class paid in advance)
EARLY BIRD OFF OF £35 for the ten week course instead of £45 (Ending 5th November)

Other Lessons & Workshops & Social
PRIVATE LESSONS in Wirral - Mondays & Thursdays - 6pm - 9pm or 1pm- 3pm - 
 from £20 per hour (address upon booking) - 1 Person or group upto 3 people. Book in advance as diary is booked up until November.

Liverpool - Charity Class at WHISC on Tuesdays 12.45pm (ENDED)

Sunday Workshops - October - Liverpool (TBC)
Intro to belly dance (all levels) £5 1 Hour
Creative dance workshop (experienced students) £7.50 for students who are members of my class or £15 2 Hours.

Social Hafla (party) Liverpool - December - Helens Fancy dress Dance Party in Southport (turkish meal) (my students welcome)

Classes Price -
£5 Taster class (try a class and see if you like it)
£45 10 week course (works out at £4.50 per class)
Concession / discount available (unemployed, over 65, students) contact for information.

Normal Price Link

Intro class Link

I specialise in teaching a variety of authentic belly dancing styles, Choreographed dance routines, A little bit of history and mythology as well as safe dance techniques. The style taught is independent or a mix of Egyptian, Turkish and other forms of Middle Eastern, African , Americanised and Mediterranean belly, Folk & theatrical fusion dance. Belly dancing has so many styles also known as Orientale, Raqs Sharqi, Oryantal Dansi, Cabaret, Folkloric and theatrical fusion....just to name a few. *Please note this class is not Bollywood Zumba or any other style or them πŸ˜. It is strictly a belly dancing class which is amazing and fun enough all on its own. 
Hip Belts -
Coin hip belts and other props are provided for all to wear/use and return.
 Level & Suitability -
The course is suitable for absolute beginners to advanced belly dancing students. 
Women of all ages and body shapes are welcome. 
Venue & Space -
All venues are clean and tidy with an area to change, use of toilets with kitchens with drinking water. All follow heath and safety procedures and are public registered venues with floors suitable and safe for dance. There are 10-12 spaces per venue and must be be booked for reserve on the course.
Social Events & Performance Platforms -
Throughout the year there are many private belly dance social events and public community events myself and my dance class members are invited to as part of a group where you can socialise, Watch live entertainment or get involved in performing with the group if you want to (optional).
What To Wear -
Firstly you do not have to expose your tummy unless you want to.Wear whatever you feel comfortable to dance/exercise in. Most attendees usually wear gym wear or leggings/yoga pants with a fitted t-shirt/top. Some ladies wear special belly dance wear which can be purchased online while others opt for gypsy or maxi style skirts with cropped/belly top or bolero. The important thing is to make sure your clothing is comfortable and suitable to dance/exercise in and doesn't restrict you in anyway.
Footwear -
Dancing barefoot is perfect for belly dancing however if you prefer to wear shoes you can buy inexpensive flat belly dance, ballet or jazz pumps that are soft and may have a suede sole. When dancing on carpeted areas bring socks. 

About Belly Dancing-
Benefits -
Belly dancing is a fun uplifting style of exercise that has lots of health and fitness benefits. Unlike some forms of high impact dance exercise, Belly dancing is low impact meaning its easy on the body and joints. It incorporates resistance muscle strengthening, Flexibility stretches, Toning and sculpting movements and not to forget great cardiovascular exercise from travelling steps and a wide range of shimmies. Teamed together with my unique creative lesson planning you will never get bored learning how to belly dance at my class. Belly dancing is beneficial for women because you don't have to conform to a particular body shape. Its okay just to be you.
Social & Artistic Aspects-
Belly dancing is both a social form of dance and can be taken up as a hobby or as a serious artistic performance profession.
Fitness & Serious Hobby-
Belly dancing is great for those who are looking to try it out for the first time, Attend for the health and fitness benefits or to learn a culturally artistic and exotic skilled hobby. 

Booking & Price

Places & Space-
There's only 10-12 spaces at each venue. So booking in advance is essential 
Booking -
Call or email me to book your space. Come to the class on the start date.
Pay with cash at the class or in advance by PayPal or Postal order.
Deposit -
If you pay £5 taster class price in advance online or by postal order this acts as a deposit. Just come to the class on the start date and pay for the rest. 
Refunds -
No refunds. If you miss a class you are welcome to attend a class at another venue within the same course period. If I cancel a class you will be given a refund for classes left to be redeemed.

Frequently Asked Questions -

I have a health problem, Can I still come to class?
For more serious health problem, Before booking please have a word with your GP. If your GP says you are okay to attend then attend. 
For minor health problems you are responsible for your own well being. therefore if you don't feel well enough to take part then don't take part. I am not a medical professional therefore I am not qualified or insured to advise on medical conditions. When you come to class you will be asked to fill in a short student learner agreement that you should sign. This is in agreement that you want to take part in a class and you have followed the advice I have given in order to take part.
It is advisable to have a medical check up before taking part in exersise if ....
  • You are over 40 years of age & You have never exercised before
  • You have not taken on any physical activity for a long time
  • You are on a medication that can alter the heart rate
  • You have a history of coronary problems.

Can I Just Turn Up & Pay Weekly on a Drop in Basis?
No. This is a course and is not available for drop in. 

Why Does The Course Need to Be Booked and Paid for in Advance?
The sessions are part of a course. There are a set number of spaces and there is something to work towards. Each class is planned and tailored to the space and people that fill it. Some times people can be unreliable by not turning up once booked and not letting me know in advance. This can effect the flow of the course and it's not fair on the rest of the class who make an effort and are reliable. When you pay for something you are likely to make more of an effort with respect to the class. 
If you prefer drop in class please click the link at the top of the page to see if I am running any suitable and near you.

I am a Member of Another Class, Can I attend Your Classes?
Yes of course. The more classes you attend with many teachers the more you will learn. However do let your teacher know. *Don't turn up just to steal creative work, Be a nuisance or advertise your teachers services. It's unethical and lazy. I have banned one person for doing this therefore I have a no advertising policy at all my classes. 
If you have fell out with your teacher please don't come to class bad mouthing your teacher. It spreads negativity among the class. My class is a safe environment where everyone should feel relaxed.

Why Choose This Class?
why not? Come see if you like it for yourself. Past and present students are rarely disappointed. If you like it, You like it. If you don't, You don't.  Everyone is welcome to try a taster class at your own free will, Nothing more is expected from you other than to take part, Learn and enjoy yourself.

go to the new classes page for members of the class.

About Me - 
Celebrating Our Womenhood 
My mother was a dancer and Dad is a musician. I formly studied dance and performing arts in my teens. I have been performing belly dance since 2003. I am a working dancer and have been hired to dance in restaurants all over Merseyside as well as attending events and parties all over the UK and some abroad. I have performed at The World museum among other places of education & culture. The classes have been printed in the media, Featured on TV & Radio. I started my own class teaching in 2012 and it all happened as if by magic when friends, family & the public offered me opportunities to teach because they like my style and methods. Five years later and the classes continue to grow in popularity creating lots of opportunities for both myself and my class attendees. Throughout I have trained with top teachers from UK, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Spain, America, Brazil & Italy and I still continue to learn more so my classes don't become stagnant or boring. Being fairly a new and younger teacher I bring a fresh approach and a new pair of eyes adding my own flair and I hope to train existing and​ new students who wish to take dancing to a serious level to become professional dancers and teachers to (watch this space!) I continue to run my classes for ladies of all ages & dance abilities giving everyone a chance to get involved & benefit from both the health and fitness aspects as well as the social aspects. My focus is to share the gift of dance with others from all walks of life. πŸ’™Love Light Dance Laugh Live πŸ’™

Next Social Event - 
Fancy dress belly dance party with Performance opportunities  
Sunday 25th June 12-5 (Invites only - we have been invited - our social spaces are fully booked - come to the next set of classes and attend our social days out)

Next Sunday Workshops - 
June 2017 Liverpool

πŸŽ„πŸŽChristmas Gift Voucher Package πŸŽπŸŽ„
Package 1
1 taster class for one
£5 (add £1.50 postage cost)

Package 2
One Taster Class + A coin hip belt + A pack of Bindi Face Jewels 

Price - £15 plus postage cost (2nd class tracking)
(X1 class = £5, Hip Belt = £7, Bindis =£3)

Package 3

X2 Classes + A coin Hip Belt + A pack of Bindi Face Jewels
Price - £20 plus postage (2nd class tracking)
(X2 Class = £10, Hip Belt = £7, Bindis = £3)

Package 4
X6 Classes + 1 hip belt + Bindis £50

Gift Vouchers
Additional £1.50 for post on top of the price

(28 sold, 22 available)
Please order by 20th December. 

Heswall Wirral

Starting Monday 9th January 2017
Start time - 7pm
Venue - Heswall Studio
Full address given upon booking
Pay at class
Contact me for more information

Car park to back of the building
Close to bus stops & shops

Liverpool City Centre 
Starting Wednesday 11th January 2017
7.30pm - 8.30pm
Venue - Liverpool City centre Studio
Full address given upon booking
Pay at class
Contact for all information

Hoylake Wirral 
Starting Saturday 14th January 2017
Venue - Hoylake venue. Full address given upon booking
Pay at class
Contact me for all information

Additional Info - 

About The Class

This Is A Womens Class -
In reality Women may not feel comfortable around men from one reason to another. Having worked alongside Women's Aid Refuge I have personally found female based classes work best for me as the instructor and for Ladies I have taught. My weekly classes are for Women only however certain Workshops I run are open to the whole family with Women Men & Children of all ages included.

Taster Session \ Block Booking
Please be aware my classes are not on a drop in bases.
Single Taster classes are available for those who want to try the class before committing but taster session must be booked in advance. 
This year's classes run in blocks of 6 and all classes must be booked in advance. However you can pay by cash on the day at class. 

At Class -
Fun supportive class taught by a down to earth friendly fully insured instructor with performance
 and teaching experience.
Wether you are looking for a new fitness regime, To try somthing different at your leisure or with performance goals as a serious hobbiests there is somthing for everyone. 

What You Will Learn - 
 Every class is different so you won't get bored. 
With lots of layers to each class you will warm up, Cool down, With easy strengthening and flexibility exersisers. Safe posture and Dance technique is taught along with lots of fun sexy moves and steps to get the blood pumping around your body. Each week will be different.

Coin hip belts and props provided for all to wear and return

Style - Cabaret Orientale Belly Dance

- Traditional, Modern and fusion forms of Turkish, Egyptian, Lebanese, American Belly Dance
Props and Dance routines.

- I also teach Vaudiville fusion style Workshops

Dance Level - Open to Beginners, Improvers, Advanced & Experienced dancers who want to try somthing new.
New members are always welcome.

(All classes have a 15 minute set up time where you can sign up, Get changed grab a coffee & a chat followed by 1hour of Belly Dance instruction)

20 spaces at both venues

£5 taster
£30 block of 6 classes
£24 concession (over 65s, Unemployed, Students)
£45 Mother & Daughter - 6 classes (girls 4+)

Book your 6 week block or individual taster session

The next block of classes on Wednesday evenings at Elliot Clarke in Liverpool City Centre, Saturday mornings at The Parade Community Centre in Hoylake & Monday evenings in Wirral starts in January 2017. 
Classes run in blocks of 6 several times per year and should be booked in advance. The first session of each block will be an introduction class and an opportunity to try a taster before signing up. A variety of Belly dancing styles and dance techniques are taught at classes along with props, Culture, History and there is usually lots of laughs to be had. Props and coin hip belts are provided for all to use wear and return at no extra cost. Belly dancing can be a great form of low impact cardiovascular exersise with many health and fitness benefits. If practiced hourly you will burn 263 calorie per hour but it is important to do this at least several times per week however ultimately my groups are solely for ladies who wish to learn the art of the dance as a hobby at a leisurely pace. 
 The group is held in a relaxed and welcoming non-competitive Community setting where positivity is highly promoted and friendships are made. Each class is different and there are fun and easy goals to work towards as well as opportunities for those who wish to learn more at Workshops and gain performance opportunities in privates group settings and sometimes for fun within local communities (performance is optional). At certains times of the year there may be a group hafla(belly dance group party) or a artistic\cultural trip at the end of a class block. My groups are female based Women from different backgrounds are welcome.

Number Of Spaces - 
There are upto twenty spaces per venue. 

Medical conditions & Pregnancy - 
Seek medical advice \ permission before taking part in a class and be sure to inform me prior to booking. 

Additional Information - 
All venues are highly sought after, Well kempt to a high standard and follow health and safety legal requirements. With toilets, Changing areas and drinking water. If you prefer to bring you own water please bring a plastic bottle of water.

Join The private Facebook Group Of Your Choice Below

Yearly Timetable will be available soon. Please check back at a later date

Price - 
£30 (6 week block) 
£5 taster session - try a class and see if you like it! 
£24 Concession
(Over 65, Unemployed,  Students) 
Mother & Daughter (girls 4+) £45 - block of 6 classes

What to wear - 
(Clothing should be fitted and non restricted) 
Long or cropped Leggings, Shorts, Yoga \ Dance\ exersise pants, Jypsy skirt
Fitted top, Bolero, Cropped top
Or .....
Inexpensive  Egyptian Saaidi dress, Dance wear.
Feet .... Bare foot is perfect for Belly dancing however soft flat belly dance shoes, Jazz pumps or ballet shoes are suitable. 

Strictly Banned From Class .....
*Trainers ( unless special Dance or medically fitted shoes)
*Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs
*Abusive behaviour

How To Book & Pay
Booking - 
Text or email me your name, Age and group you want to join. If you need more details, Have questions or don't have access to the Internet or a mobile phone feel free to give me a call. I prefer to be contacted by text or email because I am busy most of the time and sometimes can not answer my phone. Texts and emails are usually answered the same day. 

Confirmation  & Cancellation - if there is space I will confirm by text, Email or phone call. Please respect the fact that space is limited and if you book please turn up. If you can't make it please cancel so some one else can benefit from the classes.

Paying- You are welcome to come to class with cash and pay on the day. Receipts are always available.
If you prefer to pay online you can do so by paypal.  ( bank transfer & cheques are accepted)

Refund Policy - Full block payments only.
If you book your set of classes and  pay in advance you must cancel within one week before the course start date. Other wise you are welcome share with a friend or to alternate between courses, Classes or blocks throughout the year.  Workshops to redeem your classes. 

Gift Vouchers
Additional £1.50 for post on top of the price

Gift Vouchers Available. £5 taster for one, £10 taster for two, Block of 6 classes £30 (Additional £1.50 postage cost)

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